I finally caved and bought a stick blender!

It’s a Braun - I decided on that brand after reading reviews on various brands - just the basic model, came with the blender attachment and a beaker but no “extras”.

I’m impressed!!! I can’t say it was faster (although I haven’t used it more than once and I’m sure there’s a learning curve) but the results are better. I’m drinking my Huel with a straw now, instead of out of the shaker bottle (which was in fact a pain in the butt and I tended to drip it on my desk). It’s also surprisingly quiet!!!

Does anyone have a recommendation for a cup that the stick blender will fit in that has a lid which can accommodate a straw? (Bonus points if it has markings on the side). I guess I could use a blender bottle (since it has a flip top instead of the closure on the Huel shaker which “springs back” but I’m wondering if there are any other suggestions I haven’t thought of.

By stick blender, do you mean immersion blender? I have one but never use it.

Yep! It does a great job!

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I’ll have to give mine a try. Thanks