Huel as Meal Replacement with IF and weight lifting

I am considering Using IF with Huel as meal replacement mainly.

I do IF currently just with turkey chicken rice and veggies. Ive lost a lot of weight but I want to do an intense program to lose the last bit of fat.

My thought was that I would do a 2 scoop shake at noon. A 2 scoop shake at 3. And finally a 2 scoop shake and 4 eggs after my workout at 7 PM.

I do lift weights and I lift heavy and run. I lift 6 times a week. I want to lose as little muscle as possible while still losing fat.

Thoughts on ways I can optimize this month anyone?

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2 scoops of Huel 1.1 should be 400 calories. An egg is roughly 75 calories. So keep in mind you’ll only be getting about 1500 calories of energy from the diet. I don’t know what size you are, but make sure that this is adequate based on how much you are exercising and much excess body fat you have available.

For me, I’m at a BMI of 20.8 and am a 5’ 10.5" male. Pretty lean now a days. So I would need more like 2500 calories of energy to maintain a consistent weight lifting regimen and not feel run down. I don’t have the fat reserves I once did when I first started my daily IF. Back when I was still kinda fat and doing IF, I could easily go 18 to 20 hours fasted and I could easily exercise in the fasted state. Not no more.

This regimen sounds like it could be a good starting point. But be ready to adjust and possibly add in more Huel if you feel run down or shaky or hungry. Don’t be afraid of adding more Huel if you really need it. People don’t get fat and out of shape eating Huel. It’s plant-based. No trans fat. Low saturated fat. Low glycemic index. Good amount of fiber. So you don’t need to worry too much.

Take is from someone who used to be at a BMI of 38.5 and is now under BMI of 21: if you want to lose the most amount of fat, doing IF and plant-based food during the feeding window is the best way. Consider replacing them eggs with some fruit and/or more Huel. You’ll get all the necessary protein from Huel. Adding berries, apples, a banana, oranges into the diet is amazing and good for overall health. At least consider adding berries. There are so many health benefits from berries well documented in the literature. I eat 5 to 8 servings of whole fruit a day and I’m quite lean. I’ve even added in Medjool dates and none of these fruits are fattening me. In fact, I find it hard to gain fat while eating this diet with all this fruit.