Huel as a supplement, not a replacement?

Has anyone used Huel as a supplement rather than a replacement? I work manual labor, and workout vigorously. So it’s a struggle for me to pack in enough calories to gain solid muscle. Has anyone used it as an in between big meals snack for bodybuilding?

I mean, yes. I often use Huel and other meal replacements after my workout. I’ve stopped taking protein a few months back all together. I used to love the protein shakes, but I would always have my protein shake plus some extra food (some tuna sandwich or carb plus something else).

Why bother when you can get good protein, good amount of fats and carbs, together with some vitamins and minerals? Particularly if you are struggling to meet your caloric goals, I find that meal replacements are an easy way to get there.

There is room for protein supplements, but they are just for that, supplement your protein intake. I think that in your case you would have to consume a mass gainer, in which case I would go for a meal replacement instead.

My brother in law and a friend at work, who I both introduced to Huel, use their Huel for this reason. They consume either before or soon after workout as a convenient way to supplement their overall food intake. They say it works well for them.

They don’t use Huel as their main meal, like I do for dinner at work.