Extreme fitness

Question: I am an endurance instructor, and on top of my teaching schedule, I exercise about 2 hours a day, 6 days a week, sometimes doing endurance events that last 10-20 hours straight. Has anyone on the forum experienced using Huel with high intensity fitness, or endurance races (Ironman, Ultra Marathons etc.)? Will it be sufficient to cover all my needs using only Huel and maybe one or two other meals a day? Do I need to supplement more in addition to Huel? Carbs/Proteins/Fats? Any feedback would be helpful before I place my order, I am excited to try Huel but want to make sure it will be what I need for my super active lifestyle. Thank you all for any help and information.


Hey Kerry, I’m thinking that as Huel is new to the US you might also want to try a search / post on the UK site;

Its not the same formula of Huel -so whether any experience you find there would be relevant idk - but it may help…

Hi @Kwald! There’s another thread on here that you might want to check out: Any hard-training endurance athletes Heuling?

Also, our co-founder, @JamesCollier (BSc Hons, Registered Nutritionist), has over 25 years of experience working in nutrition and dietetics, including 7 years as a Clinical Dietitian. He now specializes in providing advice for competitive athletes (including Terry Hollands, UK’s Strongest Man). We’ve worked hard to provide a nutritionally complete, convenient, affordable product using his expertise. You can learn more about our formula, here. :slight_smile:

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