Any hard-training endurance athletes Heuling?

I’m wondering if others Huelers are training hard and if they find they have the energy they need? I’m on the Ironman circuit and train 7 to 10 sessions, 12 to 20+hrs a week between the pool, bike, running, weights, stretching and yoga.

I just ordered a pouch each of vanilla and unsweetened. I take in a lot more calories than an average person of course but I’ve been looking for a meal replacement that is quick, plant based, balanced with decent levels of protein and good fat, low sugar etc so that I can continue to cut without losing training intensity. I also don’t love vitamin supplements and would rather get my nutrients from good, well rounded diet so Huel seems to fit the bill. My worry is bonking. A lot of people in my world have customized solutions between whey isolate with various adds or lots of ensure type drinks etc but I’d like to find a good catch-all. I’ll find out soon enough I guess but wondering if others have experience. I don’t find many athlete references on this forum apart from general weight loss and fitness.


Having been a body builder and personal trainer for several years, I can honestly say I haven’t come across a product that is as complete as Huel appears to be. Having gone through the many phases of Whey, isolate & concentrates, vitamin packs, fiber pills and tons of other supplements, it’s difficult to get everything needed to sustain the unique diet. I wish I discovered this when I was competing because it would have made the endless meal prep a lot easier. You could scale your servings of Huel to fit your caloric needs regardless of what they may be. I’ve only started using this but am curious how it will work once I start more aggressive training again. I’ll post updates once I’ve gotten a couple consistent weeks in with workouts and Huel.


Heyo! Just bought my first month’s supply and I’m curious about your findings Trav. Hope it’s going well!

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@Overnighter123 - I’m in a similar boat. What was your experience? Any quick tips or warnings?

I am a weight lifter, and competitive martial artist, I spend massive amounts of time training covered in sweat, and huel works for me just fine. Huel is “just food” in powdered form.

I cut my huel with protein powder, both for flavor and to boost protein intake.

I am not an “endurance athlete” but I imagine huel would be the same thing as any other food regiment when doing endurance sports, supplement a banana :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not as hardcore endurance as you, but I play competitive tennis (league and tournament). I play 3-4 times a week, each match being about 700 - 900 calorie workout. I’m not 100% Huel, I eat a regular dinner with my family. I also supplement with some kind of carbs before a match. Either oatmeal with peanut butter or a sandwich or something a couple of hours before. I haven’t tried adding an extra Huel meal a couple of hours before a match. It could work, I’m just used to my normal routine, and I haven’t wanted to mess with it. I’m not looking at Huel as a way to replace all of my food, I’m just using it as a quick, healthy way to replace the meals I don’t want to have to think about.

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I cycle 30-65 miles at a time. I have been riding with Orange County Wheelmen on nicely paced club rides. I have started drinking Huel before rides as a replacement for breakfast. I have better energy now, and Strava is showing better results. I am very pleased with the product.

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