Huel with SuperBeets powder?

I take Superbeets powder daily. Any conflicts with adding it to my Huel shake? The taste with them mixed doesn’t bother me but I want to make sure I’m not somehow negating the effects of either product if I combine them.

TIA for any info.

I would actually would like to know this answer as well!

Do you mix this with regular vanilla Huel or add with any flavor boost?

I just started using Huel. I’m using the chocolate boost. Today I just added the SuperBeets powder in with the Huel and the boost. Tasted fine. I’m going to try it with the Strawberry. That might be a better combo.

EDIT: Yes, vanilla w/ chocolate boost.

Adding Superbeets to Huel should not cause any problem in theory if you are already used to it. Nothing in Superbeets will “react” with anything found in Huel. Nitrates (compounds found in Superbeets) will act on its own without interfering with Huel. In fact, nitrates seem to be

The reason why Huel does not include this compounds is because the evidence of their safety and effectiveness is not very strong. Superbeets claims on how the nitrites were converted into NO (important signalling molecule) instead of nitrosamine (carcigogenic) were obtained by research funded by the company according to Healthline.

Huel tends to take a very slow approach in adding any nutrient to their products, thus why probably does not contain any.

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Thanks for the reply!

Lol. SuperBeets? I just read about this. A beet powder to increase Nitric Oxide? Whaaaaat?!!

We use inhaled Nitric Oxide on our critical patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Ummm. I am skeptical that just because you eat something high in nitrates that this will cause an increase in nitric oxide (NO) production. NO is a hormone like substance. It’s primarily used to regulate blood flow to certain areas. It’s a vasodilator. The release of NO is regulated by a complex system.

In the same way that eating more cheese or turkey, which contains Tryptophan (the precursor of epinephrine and norepinephrine), will not raise blood pressure. Yes epi and norepi are vasoconstrictors. Merely eating the substance that converts to these doesn’t mean the adrenal gland will release more epi and norepi. The sympathetic nervous system controls this and it’s a complex mechanism.

My advise. Don’t waste your money on a beet powder for the purpose of improving blood flow. Just eat beets in your salad because they are healthy.

I found that adding beet powder (for joint inflammation) and amazing grass to a serving of gold standard chocolate whey then downing it worked out better than messing up my huel shakes.