How much is a Serving Size?

Newbie silly question here… What constitutes a “serving” of Huel? Is it one shaker full? or is one of the big shakers considered multiple servings? Trying to accurately count calories and not clear on what’s what.


One serving size is 127 grams, or about 3 scoops which equals 500 calories. Trying to get an exact amount using scoops if you’re counting calories is difficult though. I’d recommend a kitchen scale. It’s been a game changer for me… I also use MyFitnessPal to track my calories and can create my own Huel recipes to suit various meals (for example I have an “extra sweet” recipe that is exactly 400 calories – 94g of vanilla Huel, 1 tbsp of chocolate milk mix, 1 tsp of vanilla extract). At that point “serving size” is kind of worthless since you’re calculating your Huel meals by grams instead of serving sizes or scoops.

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OK, so if I drink a whole big shaker full with three scoops - that’s 500 calories? Perfect. That’s helpful. :slight_smile: Thank you! :slight_smile: I have MyFitnessPal too.

MFP + Huel is awesome! Since I sometimes need a meal that isn’t 500 calories of straight Huel (sometimes I need a smaller meal and/or want to add other things to it), I create a recipe and add in those things along with the Huel. Huel is already in the database and you can select 1 gram as a serving size, so for example if I want 94 grams of Huel as part of my recipe I just add 94 servings of 1 gram serving size Huel. I could probably do this all on a calculator or whatnot but MFP makes it so easy. Welcome to the Hueling life :slight_smile:


For reference, I find that three level scoops is closer to 100g than 125g.

Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, it’s probably worth investing the $25 or so in a good electronic kitchen scale.

By the way, the amount in three scoops can vary widely, depending on how much the huel has “shaken down” or “fluffed up” in the bag. I’ve had 3 relatively level scoops come out around 120g and as low as 100g.

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1 cup equals the 500 calories

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Quick question? On the package it says 2 scoops(90g) is 1 serving. Which guideline do we follow?

It changed a while back… I only buy black and hot and savory and strictly weigh out my servings. 90g for Black @ 400 calories, 95g for H&S for 400 calories.