Could the newer version of huel cause nausea and other gi problems

Hello I have a i used to use an older version of huel not entirely sure which version possibly 2.2 or maybe the 2 i know it wasn’t very smooth and at that time the only flavor options were vanilla, chocolate and berry. I had no major gi issues on that version after just a day of version 3 I’ve experienced naseua and some diarrhea

Is there something in this version that could be causing this ?

Hey Damian, so sorry to hear this. Have you been consuming Huel consistently, or have you just started to have it again?

In addition, I linked here the changes made in the newest version of Huel powder (v3.0).

Hi thanks for the response!

Its been some time since I had huel

Hey Damian, of course. Happy to help here! Would you be able to email us at