Huel Storage Containers

This was the best I could find that is Air-Tight and not an overly large tub. Anyone found anything else that they use?

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Love this Justin! Make sure you store them out of direct sunlight because they’re clear. Did you buy the stencils and put them on yourself?


Definitely out of the Sunlight, I did attempt to look for light protected containers(Nope!). I ordered custom Permanent Vinyl and carefully placed the lettering on the jars/containers.

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I use some plastic dry food storage containers found at Target. They’re big enough to perfectly hold 1 bag of Huel

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We used some similar air tight dry goods storage containers from Amazon. I have a vinyl cutter but couldn’t find a vector version of the Huel logo anywhere, so I ended up making my own in Illustrator using the website logo as a guide.

The registered trademark R is a different font though, and I didn’t have the patience to figure it out.

If anyone is interested in making their own Huel vinyl decals, here’s the thread:

I really like those containers, where did you order them from?
I’ve actually been looking for something like that to put my huel in.

From Amazon;
2.5 Gallon Jar is HERE (This holds about 2.5 Bags of Huel)
1.5 Gallon Jar is HERE (This Holds about 1.5 Bags of Huel)
Smaller Containers are HERE (Probably about 3-4 Pouches each)

Adds a small convenience :slightly_smiling_face:

I did purchase the last one remaining for the 2.5 Gallon - there are other buying options or you can go to their website too, I wanted two 2.5 Gallons but didn’t want to wait haha.

The ones that hold just over a bags worth are perfect for me, actually exactly what I’ve been wanting to get. Thanks a lot!

I’m using these 12 cup Rubbermaid Brilliance containers. Their shape is compact adn they’re stackable. They hold about 85% of a bag of Huel so you do have to refill, but the seal is very tight. I do like the Anchor Hocking 1.5 gallon jars and may try time around.

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I like these from King Arthur Flour. I use these for my different bread flours, they hold a 5 pound bag of flour and a whole bag of huel. They’re clear, so keep’em in the pantry.

Oh boy, I ordered the 1.5 gallon Anchor Hocking jar from Amazon and it’s way too big for me to store in our pantry. I’ll have to stick with the Rubbermaid Brilliance containers.

Great product suggestion for Huel . . . to partner with a manufacturer and market their own “just right” sized, nice-sealing containers.

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The [Prokeeper](Prepworks by Progressive Flour ProKeeper 4 qt Flour containers are perfect for me. Fits one bag exactly. Just keep them in a dark area or duct tape the outside.

The King Arthur Flour and Progressive Flour ProKeeper containers appear to be the same product. I had been using the Rubbermaid Brilliance (see my picture above) and liked them but they didn’t hold a whole bag of Huel. I ordered the 1.5 Anchor Hocking jar and as nice as it was, it was way to big to put it (or 3 of them) in our pantry. Then I tried the King Arthur Flour container mentioned by Bigdaddy above and it was, to quote Goldilocks, just right. It holds an entire bag of Huel, with the added plus that you have the detachable leveler built into the inside of the lid so you can get your scoops easily level. I highly recommend trying this one.

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