Bags in the cabinet

I’m not sure what the solution might be. When I have multiple bags going, storing them in the cabinet is difficult because you’re essentially trying to stack up elongated triangular forms. If they were rectangular and somehow kept that shape when being emptied, they could be stacked and labeled on the end so you wouldn’t need to remove the bag from the cupboard to see which flavor it was. I guess I could ditch the bags altogether and use some containers that do stack. But I like the Huel branding on my black bags.

Maybe Huel could make official logo stickers / labels that could be purchased for those that prefer using dry storage containers? Another idea: have little cards with directions on how to make the meals / drinks. Again, for those that prefer using containers instead of the supplied bags.

Ahhhh one can dream! :smile:

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Thanks for this feedback, @edolecki I will definitely pass these suggestions along to our team for future consideration.

Rest assured you are not alone, even I find myself playing Tetris with my bags of Huel when I do a restock :sweat_smile:

I live in an apartment and order anywhere from 8-10 bags at a time. I have a large plastic tub with locking lid that I keep under my bed that can fit 15 full bags very easily, and the locking lid keeps the rare critter away. I don’t bother trying to manage them in a cabinet/pantry anymore. I limit myself to 3 open bags/flavor varieties at a time in my kitchen and it’s a system that works well for me!