Huel Storage Container

I guess this is a suggestion / showing interest in such an item for the Huel crew, or if anyone has suggestions for me let me know!

I find myself wanting a more permanent-style container to dump my Huel bags into. I’m an on-off Huel user, but I’m usually a half-flavored half-u/u mixer and honestly have been premixing my powders and leaving some in a small tupperware (only enough for 3 shakes or so still though.) I’m looking into something larger, airtight or airtightish, that’s a little sleeker that I can just leave on my counter for ease of access.

If Huel ever looks into making something like this I think that’d be pretty cool. I’m usually not a fan of branding on items, but esp for a kitchen container I think it could be pretty nice. Same as a “sugar” or “flour” label. And it could be sized to fit 1 or 2 bags and be easy to scoop from, maybe even something built in to hold the scoop. I wouldn’t mind a little fancier scoop material option too heh.

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I suggest a cereal container. They are airtight. Search for “cereal container” on Amazon and you’ll find a lot, for example: Rubbermaid Modular Food Lids, Space Saving Plastic Storage Containers, 18- Cup, Clear: Kitchen & Dining
Your local home improvement store may have them too.

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I got a container from Target made for storing dry food like cereal and flour. The size of the container is big enough to hold 1x bag of Huel, and leave enough room to put the scoop in and close the lid. It’s perfect.

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These are what I use. They’re the cat’s pajamas. Also comes with a leveler.

I decant the bags into Oxo Good Grips 4 qt pop top containers, for me they are easy to get into when I’m half awake. But have some of the 5 lb flour containers also.

I use a 1 gallon Ball canning jar.

We’ve been using glass storage jar with a clamp. search for “clamp jar” on amazon.
They’re airtight and relatively inexpensive. You can go as simple or as fancy as you feel.

We use jars that are opaque, so we don’t have to worry about sunlight breaking down the Huel over time.