How do you transport your Huel?

What containers do you guys use to transport your servings of Huel? As of right now I’m using a smaller Tupperware type container with a snapping lid that holds 2 scoops of Huel in there perfectly BUT it is square and wider than the mouth of my shaker bottle. So I have to use a spoon to kinda scoop it into the bottle and no matter how careful I am, i always manage to spill some. Alternatively, I was also using these little cylindrical containers that came with a couple of my Blender Bottles. They work good as far as the shape and width of them go, since I can just dump the Huel in there because the bottle mouth is wider, BUT they only hold one scoop each. Is there any container you guys can suggest that is cylindrical and could easily fit 2 scoops while also being thinner than the bottle mouth opening? TIA.

@Manny_S - Whenever I travel or do something where I am going to be away from Work or Home, and I want my Huel, I put one serving - 2 scoops - into a Ziploc sandwich bag.

I get them at Sam’s Club - 4 boxes of 145 bags per box for pretty cheap. I fill my shaker bottle with cold water I have in a small cooler, dump the bag in as it is one serving, and I’m good to go. You can reuse the bags too if you want.

I usually even the powder out at the bottom of the bag, then roll it towards the opening, squeezing out all the air, and then seal the bag. They are all cylindrical shaped and travel well.

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Huh, I hadn’t thought to use a ziplock bag. Which size you use? The quarts or the little ones for snacks?

I mentioned it above, but they are the Ziploc sandwich bags. It says that on the box. They are cheap and they are 6.5" x 5.75"

The snack size would be way too small and I think the Quart would be too big and they cost more.

I used to use zip lock bags as well and they worked great. I think they were half gallon bags or so because they were big. I was able to put two scoops in each and roll them tight to keep air out. I kept four bags in Tupperware to avoid the bags from tearing in my backpack. I then started using a baby formula container. Finding one that could hold a day’s worth of Huel was tough.

Now though, I simply put the whole Huel bag in my draw string back pack and bring it along with me to work.

I wear military issue cut off cargo shorts. I can fit my shaker and a full bag of huel in one of the pockets with room to spare and have five free pockets.

I was using an old Tostitos cheese dip jar until I upgraded to a blender bottle that comes with little containers you can attach to your bottle for powder. If I do an overnight oats version I have a small tupperware that’s the perfect size.

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Yes! I had some of those squirreled away and I started using them. I find the 150cc ones work best, hold a scoop without making a mess. It’s the perfect size to just dump it in the bottle too. Plus, I like that they connect for easy transport. I just ordered more of those off amazon.

I found a container at Target meant to store dry powder in, such as flour or sugar. It’s big enough that it can comfortably hold an entire bag of Huel and the scoop. So when It gets empty, I dump another bag of Huel in it.

I bought a Huel tote bag from the Huel shop. The size of the container is nearly identical in dimensions to the huel tote. So I put it in the tote and I can carry it with me when I visit my Parents or so.

I also have a second Huel Tote bag that I carry the shaker cup, and some water bottles in. I place water bottles in the fridge to get them cold enough to make Huel with.

I use a regular size Mason jar for Huel and I’ve found that it was the right size to hold the number of scoops and easy enough to dump into the bottle. My problem has been adding too much water initially to the bottle and having the Huel spill out.