Bad diarrhea from Daily Greens

So I’m not a new Huel user. I’ve been having different Huel products over the years on and off. My main issue has always been the diarrhea it causes. The common recommendation has been to introduce Huel slowly but I’ve had no success with that approach. The Hot & Savory product line and the protein bars are the only ones that somehow don’t cause diarrhea.

When Huel came out with Daily Greens, I was super excited since it was a direct competitor and much cheaper than AG1. I ordered 2 packs of Daily Greens. I had 1 scoop with water and not 30 minutes have passed by when I had to lock myself in the bathroom for an hour.

What is it with Huel products that causes diarrhea in people? Can something be done to help with it? I love the idea of having Daily Greens every night to cover my vitamin and mineral needs but I just can’t use it if it keeps messing up my stomach.

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Out of curiosity, what are other Huel products are you currently consuming?

Currently, none.

I’ve had different versions of the regular Huel and Huel Black in the past. I’ve had the Complete Protein bar (mixed flavor pack).

Huel Hot & Savory line has been my favorite. Love the pasta ones.

I’m sorry to hear that @coat! Can I ask which other Huel products you’ve tried previously?

Due to the high fibre content in the Huel powder, it can take 1-2 weeks for the body to adjust and we recommend reducing the portion. However, this is unusual for greens. Do you have any allergies or intolerances that you’re aware of?

I’ve pretty much tried all the Huel products so far. The Huel powder and Huel Black caused a lot of trouble. I was fine with the protein bars and the Hot & Savory product line.

I have no known allergies and can eat or drink pretty much anything.

I and a family member are also getting diarrhea from the greens.

Hi, I thought there was something else going on, but I’m having the same issue with this latest batch of Daily Greens.

The second I take it, immediate bubble guts. I only had one other bag before this one and it was before they “sold out.” This latest batch might be the issue?

I have no problem consuming the black edition or Gluten Free version. My doctor was so concerned, that they were about to ask for a sample of the daily greens for medical testing.

That would be a good test to have anyway? The assumption being that something specific to you is having an significant bad reaction to something in DG. It may turn out the bad reaction is more common. That would be valuable information to Huel. If at the very minimum to warn potential customers with the same condition.

We would definitely recommend reaching out to so that our nutritionist here at Huel can better advise you on how to help.

The issue with intestinal effects of the greens was temporary. A friend told me that you have to adjust to things like spirulina. I persisted just a bit longer, and now I am enjoying the benefits without any negative intestinal issues. If you are having issues, just be patient. It is likely that your body will adjust, and the issues will stop.

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