Huel - Ready To Drink Chunky?

Is anyone else finding chunks in their drink? I keep finding these weird long thready type chunks that make me gag when I pull them out of my mouth. Is it rotten? I shake them for a long time before drinking and still find them in the vanilla, berry, and chocolate. Just kind of grosses me out. Just ordered my 2nd shipment of 3 12 packs and I’m not sure I’m going to order again if I keep finding chunks. It’s yummy but the thready type chunks gross me out.

Wanted to see if my 2nd shipment will be the same and also wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing this.

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I’ve had a few of my RTD bottles and have not experienced any chunks at all. It’s been 100% smooth with no noticeable particulates in any of the bottles so far.

I’m seeing this also. Not in every RTD, but in more than 50%. I wouldn’t call it exactly chunky, but more like the “skin” that forms on a dish of gravy that’s set out for a little bit. I thought it was a reaction to the MCT oil I add to it.

It doesn’t bother me all that much, but then I ate military chow for 20 years and can eat almost anything. :sunglasses:

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Same, and it settles around the edges of where you drink out of. I normally wipe that first before drinking.

This is really odd, sorry for the experience you’ve had. Would you mind dropping me a message with the batch number, BBE etc? It should be printed on the top of the cap.

If you’re not already aware it’s always best to give the bottle a good shake before consuming.

Not sure how to DM you but here is what my bottle says

VL066-9136 11:57
BB 15/DEC/19 #29420

To the vanilla pack I’m drinking. Do I need to give you the chocolate and berry too? I can.

So far this order, I’ve only noticed it in the Chocolate.
CL075-7158 02:20
BB 06/JAN/20 #29420

I thought I’d try ready to drink this time around so I got half chocolate and half vanilla. I do shake them. The chocolate was great, but the vanilla was unpleasant. I did not like the taste of it and it had the small threadlike chunks which reminded me of onions—extreme unappetizing. Some of the bottles of vanilla had clumps which reminded me of cottage cheese curds and severely disgusted me.

“Chunky Curd” Vanilla
VL094-9197 22:03

Thanks guys for letting me know. I have passed this information on to our quality team and will let you know if there are any updates.

Just a quick one, how did you all store your RTD? Was it an really cold fridge, temperate fridge, room temperature (whatever that may be for you)?

If it’s not occurring in every bottle of the batches you’re receiving then we can rule out manufacturing as an issue.

I load as many as I can into a really cold fridge, the rest at room temp in the pantry until there’s room in the fridge.

Thanks for all the detail, I will pass it on to Quality.

Hello, I’ve been having the same problem with my batch of chocolate ready to drink. Long stringy uniform size pieces. It’s been in every bottle I’ve drank so far

CL075-9175 23:13
BB 06/Jan/20 #29420

I’ve stored it in a cold fridge since receipt.

I’ve been having the same problem with my batch of chocolate ready to drink as well as Vanilla.

It’s occurring in every bottle. I noticed this as soon as a received the shipment and opened a couple of bottles.


I feel a little late, but I’ve been having the same thing with my Chocolate RTD that I got in late August. It has these flat thin chunks that I was assuming were forming on the edge of the bottle. All 9 bottles of the chocolate that I have drank so far have had this and it is a little unsettling (and why I don’t drink them often.) I’ve never had this happen before with my previous chocolate and vanilla, and the vanilla RTD I purchased at the same time doesn’t have that problem. I store in the fridge, and they don’t go away no matter how much you shake it.

Chocolate: (Looks like the same one as previous comment)
CL075-9157 15:44
BB 06/JAN/20 #29420

Vanilla (These don’t have issues)
VL094-9198 13:29
BB 15/MAR/20 #29420

That’s always happened… I usually just wipe the inner rim before drinking and I’m good.