New Berry RTD gritty?

After being somewhat disappointed with the new Chocolate RTD I’ve now received my first order containing the new Berry RTD. First bottle has a ‘fine grit’ texture to it - nothing close to the texture of the powder but absolutely not as smooth as it used to be, or how the new Chocolate is.

Has anyone else noticed this or do I have a bad batch? Between this and the Chocolate not tasting as good, the new RTDs have been a bit of a downgrade for me. :slightly_frowning_face:

Edit: bottle cap reads as follows:
18.01.2021 A3
L 0109 05:19

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Well it seems like nobody else has noticed this, so I’ll reach out to customer support.

We do have slight changes with our new Ready to Drink bottles. I do see that one of our CE members have reached out to you via email to help you with this order!

Yes, I was offered a return & refund which is appreciated.

From the response it sounds like this change is expected, which is disappointing and probably means I will not be buying RTD again. Flavor changes I can deal with but this is like having fine sand mixed in. I do hope someone in QA tries one of the returned bottles to make sure this is actually how it’s supposed to be and not just a bad batch after all.


Oh man… You’re not kidding… I literally made an account on here just to post. 100% agree with you on the grittyness. But, I will disagree about the flavor. It is a significant change for the worse from what it used to be. It still says v1.0, why did they silently change it? I’ve been subscribing to two packages of berry RTD a month for over a year now, definitely will be stopping that if this is the new “norm.”