RTD small bits of hard material

I’m not new to Huel, but new to the RTD version. Does anyone else find small random hard bits in the drinks? I’ve drank about 5-6 out of my order and each one has had some in them.

We will like to get more information about this RTD order. I have personally messaged you to get more information on this order. :grin:

Yeah, I notice them all the time. Very small, but there.

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I have never had “hard bits” but there’s always some plasticky-type flakes in it. I just plow through it since the drink is so darn tasty.

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Yeah I have seen the flakes too, the last one I found a very small but rock hard almost dark brown bit. I hope it’s just an unmixed piece of fiber and not actually plastic.

This morning Chocolate RTD was half cottage cheese. Shook the heck out of it after that first chewy sip and it got better but seems weird to feel the need for a toothpick after drinking something.

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