Huel Mixes: Making Vanillia drinkable

Hi does anyone have any experience mixing the vanilla to make it drinkable?

I’ve tried adding mixed spiced the one other thing i can drink of is cherries

Hershey’s baking powder is unsweetened and kinda bitter, so that plus “vanilla cake batter” might make you a chocolate cake batter?

Otherwise you have to find flavors stronger than the vanilla that also “work” with super-sweet

Cinnamon, ginger, curry are good candidates

Instant coffee might work if you have any
(I have leftover after making brownie recipe that required 2 tbsp and the smallest size I could buy was about 10 oz)

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Instant coffee might work if you have any

I have ground coffee! about to go on night shift i’ll make a pov and add half a cup see if that works

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My tip to anyone interested: Get some apple and mango squash/higherjuice/diluting juice, add some mixed spice (apple pie)

and you end up with something thqt takes like ginger cake, the vanilla cakeyness is still there but not so sickly

I wouldn’t try adding sweet juice to too-sweet Huel, but I absolutely second the use of apple juice with U/U and apple pie spice. (Or pumpkin pie spice, mostly the same stuff)

Hey @Copper_golem,
Stoked to have you as a Hueligan!
My two biggest pro tips are to try throwing in some of your favorite fruit and some sort of plant milk in a blender with your Huel!
My favorite recipe with Huel vanilla is adding blueberries and blackberries in a blender with almond milk. It has a delicious smoothie taste that I love! Try it out and let me know how it goes.

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I take vanilla black as a base and add powdered amla berry (gooseberry), matcha powder, frozen fruits (whatever is in the freezer, 1 cup) and either 1 scoop of a Green powder I buy from Naturelo or a bag of kenkco powdered/dried fruits.

Throw all that in a blender, add some ice and let it whirl for 90 seconds… Yum!

I used frozen mixed berries a lot. Frozen cherries are great too and maybe better then the berries imo.

Vanilla Huel with a spoon of instant coffee is my default drink.