Huel & Mast Cell Activation

I have been consuming Huel since December 20th. As someone who has considerable food challenges because of Mast Cell Activation I can say that Huel is working beautifully for me. I have significantly reduced the food intolerance and allergy symptoms I normally experience on a daily basis.

I started gradually on Huel - first replacing one meal then working up to two per day and now I’m ready to replace most meals with Huel and eat regular meals only when on outings or on social occasions.

The vanilla flavour I found very sweet to start with but after three weeks I enjoy the taste.

Hopefully Huel will be available in Canada soon!!


Thank you for sharing your experience with us! Happy Hueling! :muscle:

You make me hopeful that my messily histamine intolerance will be ok with Hule!

2 weeks of Huel 2 meals a day. I went ahead and mixed a bog of regular no flavour with a bag of vanilla, shake it up and it’s perfect. Not too sweet ,not too bland . Lone Hueler in the family and it makes me look at the waste of food in the fridge with 2 teens( one boy one girl ) and wife with all different palates and time schedules. would be awesome if we could all agree on 2 meals of Huel and one regular food meal a day. Cost saving too. or even 2 meals of Huel and one eat out meal…

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Hi everyone

I have been unwell for a few years and advised by my gastroenterologist to drink huel.

I was yesterday told by another doctor I likely have Mast cell activation syndrome (waiting on more tests) and to follow a diet without histamine liberators. This means while low in histamines themselves, some foods are known as histamine liberators , meaning that they help to release histamine from other foods - for me this is bad!

I.e. peas, sunflower seeds.

This means I can’t drink huel. Has anyone with a similar condition had any positive or negative experiences?

I particularly like the coffee flavour powder (not ready made drink) and like it as it’s nutritional and easy when I’m too unwell to cook.

Any advice / stories would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

And also hope those that are unwell are feeling much better :slight_smile: