Huel and histamine intolerance?



unfortunately I have a histamine intolerance and since the basic ingredients did not seem to be problematic I ordered Huel (1x tasteless, 1x vanilla). Does anybody with histamine intolerance have experience with Huel? I tried it several times so far but right now I am sick therefor it is hard to tell if the symptoms like sweating, hot flushing and headache come from Huel / histamine or just from being sick :face_with_thermometer:

Does Huel provide any informations on histamine in their products? Really hope that it‘s just caused by being sick because I like the idea of Huel :grimacing:

best, Chris



Hey Chris, the level of histamine in Huel is very low at less than 0.1mg per 100g.

If you’re feeling better now I would recommend giving Huel another go and letting me know how you get on.