Huel and histamine intolerance?


unfortunately I have a histamine intolerance and since the basic ingredients did not seem to be problematic I ordered Huel (1x tasteless, 1x vanilla). Does anybody with histamine intolerance have experience with Huel? I tried it several times so far but right now I am sick therefor it is hard to tell if the symptoms like sweating, hot flushing and headache come from Huel / histamine or just from being sick :face_with_thermometer:

Does Huel provide any informations on histamine in their products? Really hope that it‘s just caused by being sick because I like the idea of Huel :grimacing:

best, Chris

Hey Chris, the level of histamine in Huel is very low at less than 0.1mg per 100g.

If you’re feeling better now I would recommend giving Huel another go and letting me know how you get on.

Hi Dan

I have been told not to have food with histamine liberators due to potential mast cell activation syndrome - do you have any information on this?

So while low in histamines themselves, are known as histamine liberators , meaning that they help to release histamine from other foods.

I love the gluten free coffee huel powder!

Thank you

Hey Jane, thought I could pop in here!

I looked into this a bit as I am not too familiar with “histamine liberators.” Through my search, I came across this page, which led me to one of their references: this review. I read through the review briefly and they discuss “foods with suggested histamine-releasing capacities” and provide a list in table 4. Though, I do want to caution that the review also notes there needs to be more research done here.

I was not able to find much more on “histamine liberators” specifically. I’m very interested and curious though and will let you know if I come across anything else that may be helpful!

Realize that this is an old topic, but as I recently had a histamine overload I checked out the ingredients to see if there were any triggers or liberators that could be causing it. Banana is known as a histamine liberator, but the ingredient says “banana flavor” so perhaps if your histamine bucket was full it could tip you over. Histamine intolerance is complex and individual so elimination and adding back in slowly and keeping all other diet factors the same is true for Huel or in fact any “new” food.

Hey Heather, thanks for the message and for joining the Huel community.

I will wait for @Charlotte_Huel to reply to this with detail. However we recently had a conversation about histamine on the Global Forum and it may be of use to you, so do have a read. But I’m sure Charlotte will be able to help you out further.

Thanks for posting this article on the Global Forum @Tim_Huel , it’s always wonderful and super helpful to hear about other people’s HUEL experience. I am wondering if I too have Histamine Intolerance. I do suffer from various food allergies due to cross-pollination issues with say grasses and tress allergies. This topic has opened my eyes to a new problem that may exist for me, but I have never had issues with my HUEL for the past 6 months, for me HUEL is a essential part of my daily diet. Thanks HUEL! I could never do this without you. :slight_smile: :smiley:

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Thanks for the tag @Tim_Huel! Dan’s replies on the global forum link that Tim provided explain histamine levels and Huel powders, but if you have any further questions on this, do let me know.

When it comes to potential triggers, it can also be individualized and so it’s key to figure out what is and is not tolerated for you too.

@Rebecca_Bow_72 I’d recommend chatting through with your doctor if you feel you may have a histamine intolerance as they can best advise!

With that being said, I’m so glad to hear that you’ve been enjoying Huel. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Charlotte_Huel ! I will be setting up testing with my doctor soon. :smiley:

Yes, I love Huel, even if there are issues, I find the product wonderful and customer service always helpful.

Have a great day. -Rebecca

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