“Tumble dry on low heat, but try and avoid”

This direction for the $25 black Huel shirt is. the. worst. It is absolutely ridiculous that (1) the directions are listed in a second set of care directions that you scroll down to after “Tumble dry on low heat.” is listed in the part you can see, (2) are only listed on the webpage and not in any insert on the shirt or cryptic symbols on the shirt, and (3) matter more for one color than the other because the materials aren’t the same. I ran my new black (XXL) and grey (XL) shirts through the wash yesterday and the XXL is now a L, while the XL is exactly the same size. Both on extra low heat, but the black simply could not handle it. It’s hard to believe that Huel is selling a 96% cotton t-shirt, touted as “simple” and “durable” that you basically have to iron if you don’t want to lose a size or two, with important (not simple) instructions “buried” on the webpage, for $25. And this is “version 2.0?” Help me here. Am I alone in finding this to be almost comically inept?

EDIT: yes, the shirt was free, so it’s no big loss, but any plans I had to buy another are down the drain (washing pun!) now. I’ve just never seen a t-shirt over-engineered to be less effective than one you could buy at Target

I didn’t pay attention to any of the washing/drying instructions, I don’t have time for that. I have only black clothing so I wash it all together in a heavy duty, 2 rinse cycle with 2 cups of laundry detergent and 1 cup of fabric softener then dry it on high heat for an hour. But I do laundry once every 2/3 weeks so a lot accumulates and I don’t have time to be picky about how I wash it. So far though the shirt’s held up VERY well for me. I even went running in it a few times! I have had shirts that shrink or fade after just a few washes and I hate it, but I haven’t had that issue with the Huel shirt. In fact, I like that it doesn’t have tags, it’s simple, minimalistic, and stretches well despite how active I am. I bought the men’s medium (women’s shirts don’t fit my gorilla-sized shoulders) and it’s still retained the size even though I’ve worn it regularly for nearly 3 months and abused the heck out of it. I’m struggling to understand how your black shirt shrank 2 sizes, that definitely does sound comical - but just how did you wash it? For all I know maybe I stretch out my shirt so much that it does shrink and snap back to the original size when I wash it. Don’t know, but I like the shirt. If it wasn’t so expensive I would definitely buy more, but 4 shirts for $100 that I’d use for work doesn’t sound like too good a deal.

That’s interesting to hear. I washed mine on cold and dried on “extra low.” Maybe I just got a bad shirt? Like I said, the grey held up fine.

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