Another Person Starting Huel

Just got my shipment of Huel today. I ordered 1 bag of chocolate and 1 bag of vanilla. I was starting to worry about what it was going to taste like after reading a lot of other posts, but I think both taste just fine. I would even say that I think they are both good. I know the recommendation is to start with 1 a day, but I was too curious to see what they both tasted like. I won’t be surprised if my colon blows out later. I plan on having a normal dinner. I eventually plan on doing mostly 100% Huel, but I’m not going to avoid social dinner/lunch situations.

I’ve never been very big on meal prepping or eating right. I’m very much a convenience eater. If vegetables are convenient to eat, no problem I’ll eat them. If burgers and fries are convenient, same thing. Can’t get much more convenient than Huel. I’m excited about simplifying that part of my life.

Also, I wear an XL shirt and the Huel shirt I got is skin tight. Probably should have ordered a 2XL, but I don’t own any other 2XL shirts so I thought it would be the right size. No worries though, I can use it as an undershirt and I’m sure I’ll probably lose some weight in the process.


welcome aboard. just getting ready to jump into my second shipment here, and things are looking good so far.
you’re right…i wear an XL and the Huel shirt i got is tight through the shoulders. first time i pulled it off i could hear stitches popping. i know I’m not THAT out of shape…but jeez!

ever get adventurous take a look through the recipes that people have posted here. there are some crazy combinations you can try to make your shakes taste out of this world.


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I actually like the Huel shirt, I work a manual job and it hasn’t even stretched out, faded, or cracked since I got it. I’ve unintentionally been promoting Huel 2-3 times a week at work because it’s so comfortable. It stretches (and snaps back) like my Under Armour Heatgear shirts (100% polyester), but feels even more comfortable than my 100% cotton shirts, I think it’s the 6% elastene that makes a difference. I even looked at several shirt tags and none of mine seem to have it. In my next order I promised I’d get my co-worker a shirt too because it’s just been so comfortable - I even went for a few runs in it! I tried Google searching for more shirts, but apparently when you Google “94% cotton 6% elastene shirts” all you get are links to buying wholesale fabric :confused:


I’m on day 4. I haven’t been tracking calories or anything too closely. Just been replacing a few meals with Huel per day and eating out over the course of the holiday weekend. Back to the grind today and have already had Huel for breakfast and lunch. My estimated calories burned for a day is 3,000. I’m 6’3 and 250 lbs. If I went for a 1,000 calorie deficit, that would be 5 Huel meals per day. I usually don’t eat within 3 hours of going to bed so that pretty much leaves a 12 hour window to fit in 2,000 calories or a Huel shake every 2.4 hours if I decide to go 100% Huel, which I think I will try for the first time today. I smelled other people’s lunches at work and they really smelled good. I’m really looking forward to seeing if these psychological cravings actually go away like they have for others.

So far, I have experienced a little bloating and excess gas which is probably due to the extra fiber I’m not used to consuming, but it has definitely been manageable and seems to be getting better every day. I’ve been urinating a lot more, but I had just come off a week of eating salty food so I’m sure I had been retaining some water due to that. I’m probably drinking more water due to the Huel shakes as well.

I really like the chocolate better than the vanilla. I went with the Mocha FB and think it goes really well with the vanilla. I’m going to give at least one bag of the U/U a shot and probably go with another bag of the chocolate. I’m not really that interested in trying the berry just yet. Maybe down the road if I feel I need to switch things up a bit.


Welcome to the family​:raised_hands: We’re so happy to have you on board, it seems like you’re already figuring your Huel journey out! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions don’t hesitate to give us a shout :+1:

I was in a meeting yesterday afternoon and felt some gas coming on. I just held it until the end of the meeting. I wasn’t sure if I was just holding 1 in or if I was holding multiple in. The meeting was 90 minutes long, ugh! I went to the bathroom afterwards and had one of the most relieving, funny sounding farts I’ve had in a while. I might have hovered in the air for a second. All BMs have been solid though. On my way home from work, I had one of the biggest food cravings for a hamburger and fries that I can recall ever having. I just drank a Huel shake before I left work and definitely wasn’t feeling hungry, but I sure did want to eat! I had a nice conversation with myself and talked me into not giving into the craving. It went away after a few hours, but it was strong! This morning it was a little bit easier to get out of bed than usual and feeling pretty good today. No big cravings yet, but we’ll see what the afternoon brings. I did 100% Huel yesterday, but seeing my gf tonight and going out to dinner. Today I’ll have 4 Huel shakes and then whatever we decide on to eat later.

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I was having some acid reflux, which I normally don’t experience regularly, and found some other posts about it. I have been downing the shakes pretty quick and from what I’ve found you need to drink them slower. I’ve done that and it seems to have helped a lot in that area.


I really like the chocolate over the vanilla, but I got the trial pack of flavor boosts and I like all of them. I might start getting more vanilla so I can use flavor boosts with it. I opted to not get the U/U just yet. Didn’t want to mess with what is already working for me. I’ve been doing mostly Huel. I have had 2 days of 100% Huel, but typically I’ll have 1 meal a day that is normal food.

The gas went away after about 4-5 days. I’m still urinating a lot, but I think I’m drinking a lot more water as a result of the shakes. I say a lot, like once every 2 hours. It used to be once every 4-6 hours.

I still get cravings for junk/fast food, but they do seem to be getting less intense. I succumb to those cravings about half the time. I’m not perfect and have tried to strive for perfection in the past and it just isn’t realistic. I like drinking the Huel. It doesn’t seem like a chore or anything and it’s nice knowing I’m giving my body essential nutrients it needs even if I sometimes give it crap it doesn’t need.

I like the consistency the best when I leave a Huel in the fridge overnight and have one on my way to work. I also like the freshly shaken ones, but the thicker consistency tricks my mind into thinking it’s getting more food. So far so good.