Huel has 37g of protein 🙌

Hey Huelers,

As I’m sure some of you know, Huel is super high in protein! I personally love drinking Huel after hitting the gym.

Does anyone else on here use Huel as a post-workout drink?


I try to time my workouts so they’re right before a meal, usually lunch, and my lunches are mostly Huel now, so yes!

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I bring it with me so that I can mix/drink on the way home after my morning run. Instead of getting home hungry and having to make breakfast, I’m satisfied before I even get back home. Huge time saver.

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I must be doing it wrong. I eay my Huel at work. But after my exercise session at home, I eat regular food. Huel is good and all, but there’s no way it can compete with chicken strips on a salad or some shredded pork and cassava with seasoned black beans.

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