Regular Huel or Huel Black?

So I’ve been Vegan for a bit now and I’m wondering if it would be better to switch to Huel black since I’m probably not eating as much protein since I went Vegan. Any nutrition experts here have any opinions? I drink Huel for breakfast and lunch then eat a Vegan dinner most days.

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Both iterations have plenty of protein, and you would have to be severely lacking on protein in the rest of your diet to not get enough if you are using Huel twice a day. Even more if you are not very active.

Let’s do some quick thinking.

  • The recommendation for protein intake for an adult is 0.8g of protein per kg of bodyweight for the sedentary adult ( 0.36g of protein per pound of bodyweight). Somewhere between 50-65g of protein. NOTE: this recommendations are the minimum to avoid atrophy. If you are a more active person or have certain dietary goals you might look for more).
  • Huel “White” has 29g/400kcal. Having it twice already puts you at 58g/800kcal. You have already hit the DV.
  • Huel Black has 40g/400kcal. Having it twice puts you at 80g/800kcal.

Whether you need this extra protein it will depend on your dietary goals, activity levels, bodyweight, age etc. But the general answer is no. For the average person, I don’t think the extra protein in Black will not be necessary.

I am sure that you are getting more than 10g of protein in the rest of your diet.


So I’ve been vegan for a bit and I also lift 6-7 days a week pretty heavily. I do strive to get more protein in my diet but that is due to the whole athletes must have protein argument ha. I stick to about 1 gram protein per pound of body weight per day but even on days with less, I have yet to really see a difference in appearance nor performance. I think just try to be well rounded with every meal. As for regular huel, for non athletes or people not sensitive to carb weight gain, then it’s great. For me, I was adding a little extra protein to my regular huel. I also have been at two shakes a day and my dinner is always whatever I can grab regardless of protein in it. Saying that, just got my first order of Huel Black and I am very excited I can stop buying protein powder and also add bananas to my shakes since the carbs are lower too :smiley:

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I’ve been having this same debate with myself as of an hour ago. Running low on RTD and since there’s currently limited inventory, I’m going to give the powders a try.

I’m 6’4 275 (currently down about 66 lbs) and still have about 50 lbs to go until I hit my goal weight… Decisions decisions…

I’m leaning towards black but I feel like the regular is more nutritionally complete.

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Think I’m going to order black later when I get home. Let’s give it a whirl!

I have a supply of each that I keep around. In the morning, or on long cardio days I normally opt for the white bag. In the evening, on low activity days, or after weight training I will usually choose the black.

Also a good strategy. Carb up in the morning with the original and drink black as meal 2.

My ultimate goal is to lose an additional 50 lbs and while carbs aren’t a driver in weight gain and can actually aide weight loss, I’ve been more cognizant of the carbs I’m taking in lately… hence my leaning towards black.