Questions about Huel

I bought Huel as a “quick meal” type of deal but now I am concerned that it is more of a thing you have to drink everyday. I’m not overweight just sometimes I don’t have the time or money to get something to eat. I’m not overweight and I exercise a lot but I don’t seem to be losing weight like I want to. Do you think if I drink this everyday for lunch it will help me lose weight? Also is this a good supplement to drink before exercising?

Also does it require a blender or can you just shake it in the bottle?


Personally: I shake mine in the bottle that comes with it. (I have blended it once, with a frozen banana, and it was really, really good). Losing weight depends a lot on calories, Huel easily allows you to count how many calories of Huel you want to consume. You don’t have to consume it every day, but it is so nutritious, why would you not want to? :slight_smile: I… don’t exercise, but want to soon. I am guessing it is great for pre or post exercise due to its amazing nutrition.


Hey Kiley–the Hueler below made a really good reply. You can count clean calories easily with Huel. It’s not something that you have to drink everyday, but you certainly can! It can be good for those exercising (before or after) because it’s high in protein and gives you energy.

No blender required–just shake that bad boy up! (pro tip: shake with a few ice cubes in the bottle)

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It’s all about calorie counting, IMHO. I use MyFitnessPal to count the calories I take in daily (free app). And don’t necessarily believe the calorie counts that various exercise machines give you - almost all of them over-estimate what you burn.

Also, I mix in the supplied bottle and that’s it. Huel is easy, portable, and I can run less than 30 minutes after drinking it.


As others have said, it’s about the calories. I got Huel and transitioned my body to be eating primarily Huel so that I knew how many calories I was getting in a day easily (I’m terrible with portion control in regular cooked food). Now you don’t have to eat Huel all day, every day to lose weight, but you’re going to have difficulty losing that weight if your calorie consumption is not in deficit of the amount of calories you burn in a day (which takes in a lot of factors)

For example, I eat about 1500 calories in the day (I’m primarily sedentary as I do not work out much). I have been losing about 1-1.5 lb a week. Initially, it didn’t seem like anything was changing. Then I stopped weighing myself every day and after 3 weeks finally weighed myself again I had noticed I dropped about 5 lb. That has been a continuous trend as I have now dropped almost 10 lb now. I am also overweight. If you’re at a pretty healthy weight already and you work out, it’s going to be more difficult for you to lose weight. I wouldn’t sweat it too much.

Hi. You don’t have to drink it every day - it is up to you how often you want to use it and for what meals. Personally, I have Huel (or a similar product, like Soylent - the industry leader - or Jimmy Joy) pretty much every day for lunch.

It could help you lose weight, if that is what you want to do. If you look around at the instant food forums, you will see that a lot of people have had success losing weight with these products. But there is nothing magical about them - they are just good, healthy food that is easy and inexpensive to prepare. Probably consuming Huel before exercising won’t make much of a difference.

A couple of pointers - you can play around with it, try having it different ways. Add flavors, spices, sugars. Use a blender or not. Personally I like plain Huel by itself, but I also like the savory recipe that is written on the insert (adding vegetable broth). You can put in a blender with a banana. Have some fun with it and see what works for you.

Just remember don’t drink it fast because that can upset your stomach - it is not a soft drink.

Good luck!