Huel Guide To Sustainability, disgusting

So, I suppose I would have ended my relationship with Huel pretty soon anyway… I have posted about Huel adding tea, which I understand isn’t a problem for most, and that is ok. But this, is a problem:

"But to really make a significant difference, we really need to focus on the high impact end of the scale.

The largest reduction of carbon emissions can be achieved by:

  • Having one less child"

I find it disgusting that Huel supports/encourages having fewer children. It really seems anti family and awful. I won’t even wear Huel shirts anyore, as I do not support Huel any longer.

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This doesn’t apply to the west, I agree with you there. This does apply however, to families in some populous parts of India and also Africa where having 5+ kids is a norm. Ironically, the places where this happens have the poorest people, much devoid of education. Family planning really needs to be improved there.


Can I have your forum name and shirt, then?


@anki the eugenic agenda that has been imposed on a global scale over the past century specifically targets those who value human life and their own ability to reproduce. This nonsense about global climate change and reducing the human carbon footprint suggests that mankind is the cause and issue so the solution is to eliminate mankind. “Family planning” is newspeak for eugenic demographic warfare.

You might want to step back and consider how are we preserving the earth for future generations when we advocate for the demographic elimination of said future generations? These “poor” people you refer to are reliant on their fertility and children to support and sustain them and their local communities, for you to suggest that they should eliminate their offspring is the same as saying that they should eliminate themselves, their communities, their culture.


Can I just say that we have the greatest forum on the entire internet. I absolutely love these types of threads. The ability to find the smallest things about Huel and blow them so far out of proportion, well beyond anything reasonable, is an art not found anywhere else. And the tangents. My God, the tangents. Just when you think we’re heading in one direction, bam! Now we’re all the way over here in left field.


@Deron Please elaborate on what has been blown out of proportion according to you?

I thought it was a breath of fresh air for a company to be bold enough to make a statement like this. Many years ago I chose not to have children because I was afraid of the direction the world was going. Sadly, it seems I made the right decision. We all have different beliefs and different ways of expressing them. And we all basically want the same things; we just have different ideas on how make these things happen.


Sorry but what you said is the exact opposite of the reality.
No, there is no agenda by anyone at all to target people, except once when it was done by China. Your claim that it wants to eliminate mankind is laughably wrong-- no man wants to eliminate mankind.
Your claim that it is a demographic warfare is also bogus because parts of those same demographies which overcame their economic problems over time and adopted better family planning practices are now advocating for improved family planning among their very own communities.
They are reliant on their fertility to support them? Oh my Gosh. Perhaps the most ridiculous claim I ever heard in my life, and I have to say that despite the fact that I am honestly trying my best to try not to offend you here. “Their culture” is my culture by the way—it is where I actually came from. Having no money to raise kids and care for them, yet making more and more children much because they are not even aware that condoms exist (nor can they afford them); you have no idea of the hardships faced by both the parents and the children. It would in fact be easier for you to raise 20 kids and afford all their schooling and more than it is for these people to raise 5 kids. These kids then suffer untold miseries, never getting the care and attention they need, malnutrition, diseases, abject poverty, and what not. Their lives are worse than hell. To top it up, they are forced to “sell away” some of their kids into what is essentially modern slavery, because there is simply no way they can even feed them.


Sure. The fact that almost no sane person would read that Huel article and think that Huel is promoting an anti-family or eugenics agenda. Or, that someone would swear off Huel 3.0 based on the fact that it contains a tiny amount of kombucha, citing religious objections to drinking tea, despite the fact that Huel 3.0 doesn’t contain any tea (since the leaf has been consumed by the microbes and is therefore no longer tea).

This is nothing more than a sour grapes post. A jaded ex-lover post. Hueler is “breaking up” with Huel over reasons (that we’ve already discussed at nauseum) we can’t understand. Which is fine, since Hueler is free to date other meal replacements if Hueler wants to. But this failed attempt to say “oh, and by the way, the company Huel is anti-family, so I really didn’t want to drink Huel 3.0 anyway” is a thinly veiled sour grapes, nothing more.


Oh my. Please forgive my insensitive wording in my previous post. I re-read it and didn’t catch my own ignorance the first time I wrote it. Here, I humbly ask for forgiveness and will address my mistake immediately.

In the above post where I said Hueler is free to date other meal replacements, I should have said that Hueler is free to date other complete foods. That’s very insensitive of me to imply that Huel is a meal replacement.


So the “solution” Huel is proposing is to shame people who would want to have children and make them feel guilty because another child, according to this mindset, would be harmful to the environment/planet.

@anki you can save your misanthropic rant, it is well known that the global warming/climate change agenda is just the newest front for eugenics and population reduction. I could easily provide evidence from decades prior that relate to how the world is going to be destroyed due to overpopulation, global warming, etc and it is simply an imposition of doom in the minds of whoever will believe it so to compel them by way of fear to accept abortion, contraception, euthanasia, sterilization, infanticide, and other forms of eugenics.

You did make a good point about how this does not necessarily apply to Western countries. Typically one a society reaches a certain level of affluence, reproduction and raising children begins to be seen as an inconvenience and framed by those influencing the culture in an inherently negative way. The “poor” people often times have nothing else to lose and can only gain from having additional offspring. I think we can agree that reason can be applied in how frequently a couple engages in intercourse and I also agree that strategies like NATURAL family planning can be utilized.

As this statement is directed at Huel’s primarily affluent audience I defer to my former statement regarding the notion that children are perceived as inherently harmful, that is the issue.

I don’t know what happened to this place… Used to just come on here for Huel tips and breaking news on what would be released, and all of a sudden now there’s a religious debate and people arguing over whether Huel is anti-children or not.
If you don’t want to drink the Huel… Then don’t! Personally I couldn’t care less if they poured a gallon of sacrificial goat blood into each and every batch, what had me concerned was the addition of caffeine because I am very sensitive to caffeine - but there’s not enough included in it to actually impact me, so I don’t care anymore. And speaking as someone who has one grandma who had 13 kids and the other had 17 kids (IN THE WEST)… Yeah, you know, maybe some people should rethink having a kid or twenty, especially considering both my grandmas suffered intensely because of it.
If you can’t drink Huel because of your religion, then just don’t. You don’t need to shame them for it, there’s a huge market of people who already can’t consume their products, be it through dietary or religious reasons, and you’re just one of those people now, too. But! With the inclusion of kombucha and pro-biotics they’re reaching out to an even bigger market. Personally, I would’ve opted to drink Huel that much quicker if this was what it was initially advertised as. I don’t mind change and I supported them through their last 2 versions, and this next one. You can’t please everyone and if you’re upset, well go on and find a meal replacement shake company that does know how to please you. You don’t need to nitpick through their articles and find something to hate and rant about, just take it for what it is. It’s like my co-workers, one tries to guilt me when I eat Jimmy John’s because the owner hunts elephants, one won’t touch my iPhone because of the abuse in factory plants in China, another lectures me on my Nike gear because of the Kaeperknick scandal, and I’ve even gotten called a racist for wearing a Reeboks shirt because when Beyonce met up with them to discuss a shoe deal, they had no black members on the board and she left. There comes a certain point where it seems like you can’t even do anything without insulting someone, so I don’t care about insulting anyone anymore. If you want to nitpick Huel, then you may as well nitpick every other company out there and I guarantee you’re bound to find something they’ve said or done at some point that you’ll disagree with and justify your termination of it much as you have with Huel. But of course, if most people do that then they’d end up having to live a simple farm life spinning their own wool and making their own simple gowns and drinking rain water to wash down their insect-infested crops. I’ll say it again:
You don’t have to believe in everything a company does to enjoy their product!
This is a meal replacement shake company. They provide me with a meal replacement shake, I give them money, end. I don’t have to care about their views and they don’t have to care about mine. If I disagree with them, well that sucks for me, but their product is still exactly what I’m looking for and I’m going to do what’s more convenient for me.

Just don’t add any more caffeine, then I will cancel :stuck_out_tongue:


Speaking of being reasonable, I have a Modest Proposal. Would it be out of spec to ask that Huel take the missing child from the family they are deleting and add it to Huel – powder only, leave the RTD alone – in order to really create a “Complete Family Replacement?”

After all, we already know Soylent Green is people, and a little bit of Baby DNA never hurt anyone…


@Maria Hi Maria, Huel has elected to promote something that is part of a political agenda that has nothing to do with their products. Furthermore you cannot invert the fact that this message is meant to shame human reproduction and insinuate that people should feel guilty for having an arbitrarily additional amount of children. This is a reaction to what Huel has elected to publicly advertise and frankly I strongly believe that they should be ashamed because they company has NOTHING to do with what they have advocated for as part of this agenda. File it under the tyranny of good intentions and the fact that they have internalized the commands of the oppressors of human life.

Help! The paranoids are after me!


I honestly feel bad for Huel. They can’t even post facts without being ousted as some propagandist these days.

I am just glad that these vocal nuts on message boards and Twitter aren’t indicative of society and are just a small outspoken group.

How can we go back to recipes, news and experiences with the product.


@Kam if there is anything that you or anyone else happens to find reprehensible that a company such as Huel openly advocates for you have every right to protest. I am not a fan of apathy as it has never solved any problems. Perhaps it should have been considered what type of reaction might be provoked should Huel take a stand for a hot button political cause that is entirely separate from their actual business.

Also please explain how adding a child to the earth’s population is factually going to cause irreparable damage to the planet by way of carbon emissions? Frankly I find this entire narrative to be a distraction from the agenda I have already elaborated on, encouraging people to unwittingly cease from procreating additional offspring. Again what business does Huel have making such a suggestion?

I don’t recall their article saying not to reproduce. And suggested having one less child. Suggested being the key term.

When you look at one child compared to 7 billion plus, yeah that statistic is like pissing in the ocean. But on a global scale that is alot of resources used and waste produced throughout their lifetimes.

I am by no means against having children and no government or organization should make that choice for us, which Huel isn’t doing. They just stated the carbon emissions of such a decision and stated that decision is not realistically feasible for some.

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There is a big problem in your argument that you NEED to see. “The poor people often times have nothing else to lose and can only gain from having additional offspring.”. Totally wrong. If you dont understand how expensive it is to raise a child, you either never had one or are way too affluent to understand. These people are forced with a choice of either feeding themselves or their children. They are forced to sell their children into child labor, sometimes never to see their parents ever again. You somehow think that having children means having more hands to care for parents. This is a total misunderstanding on your part. Lack of family planning is the central cause of exploitation of these people.

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It is incredible how humanity has survived for thousands of years with a mother on average becoming pregnant ten times prior to the last century and only now in our radically advanced civilization with an abundance of everything has procreation become a societal issue that is being encouraged as something to avoid according to some. Perhaps the cause of why only now can these parents and families not care for additional children need be addressed. It didn’t seem to be an unbearable problem in centuies past, humanity survived so that we could live. Eliminate the problems not the people who are victims of said problems.