Organic means no MONSANTO

So, your not organic.
That means a plethora of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and the likes (all of which have a “fatal dose” to humans) are sprayed on all the plants that are in your products. You claim that your product is like “Healthy to the human constitution” (or whatever it is your claim), and you make millions of dollars in profits, but you are still poisoning us w chemicals indirectly.
Then you have all these claims that (even though you make millions, you still WONT go organic), because it will cost you as a manufacturer too much money… Where do your millions in profits go? I don’t see any sort of environmental causes your company contributes to. How are you the good guys??? How can I separate you from MONSANTO (the company your farmers buy the pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides from)???


Careful, boys. The trolls are out in force today. Keep up your flame shields. Keep your strength up. And you know how to do that. With 29 grams of protein per serving, that should be no problem.

By the way, I just got my Little Orphan Annie secret decoder ring in the mail today. I just wanted to alert everyone she has an important message. “Be sure to drink your Huel.”

That is all. Everyone, back to what you were doing before.


That was an extremely pitiful response.
Please respond to my original inquiry, or I will be posting your response here as well as my original inquiry on various public platforms where your costumers frequent, as the disrespectful attitude here is appalling.

Thank you.

You seem a little grumpy. Remember, you’re not yourself when you’re hungry. Did you know that Huel makes ready-to-drink products for such occasions? You can put one in your bag or locker, or have some sitting in your fridge, ready to consume at a moment’s notice. They taste delicious, too. Berry or vanilla flavor, they’re sure to satisfy any cravings. I can direct you to their ordering site if you’d like.


Are we intelligent humans that are able to have an actual conversation here, or are you just going to taunt me?

***please will a representative of the company respond to me?

Huel uses ingredients that are of the highest quality sources available. More than half of the powder is made from ground whole foods, oats and flaxseed. With loads of fiber and long-digesting starches, you can be sure to get a quality source of energy. Oat consumption is often associated with positive human health. Champion athletes often use oats for regular parts of their meals.

Instead of sugar, Huel uses small amounts of artificial sweeteners which will not impact blood sugar and not contribute to insulin resistance.

And at a little over $2 US per serving, it is quite economical. Huel is able to be used by a wide range of people and wide range of budgets. So it’s not only healthy, it can be less expensive than many pre-made meals from a restaurant or other pre-packaged food.

Would you like me to help you order some Huel? Gluten intolerant? No problem. They have that too.

Here ya go, buddy:


I want a Huel representative, Daddy! And I want one right now!


So I work at a technical facility that’s located in an orchard. On one side of my site, is a standard rancher. He grows avocados and various types of citrus. On the other side is an organic rancher. He grows the same with the odd row of watermelons and pumpkins. I’ve know both these guys for 20 years and we’re friends. Some time ago I was visiting with my organic neighbor, and the helo flew over spraying the standard ranchers crop with various pesticides and whatnot. I asked the organic guy if that impacted his crop, he said no, the PPM in the overspray wasn’t high enough to invalidate his organic certification. He gets tested regularly.

If you’ve ever bought food in a supermarket, or eaten in a restaurant, you’ve consumed food that’s been treated with “MONSANTO”. That food is healthy.

The trace amounts in Huel pose NO danger, IMHO.

Disclaimer: I am not a chemical engineer, doctor or or any kind of health professional. I am an EE though.



You are all just talking AROUND my question.

The real question that no one here is asking is this: chocolate or berry? Which is the better of the two new Huel powder flavors? It’s kinda like playing “who wore it better” on Oscar night, but much tastier.

A few weeks ago I’d say berry. But I gotta give it up to chocolate. I honestly think it’s the better of the two.


So, your company is a big profit gauging joke, and this guy is your spokesman I guess.
What a circus.

This was a legitimate question.

I got no answers, which leads me to the conclusion that your company is bad.

I will distribute this information wherever I can.

Thank you for clearing all of this up.

You are a very sad and pitiful person.

*Mister Deron I specifically refer to w the last statement

@niles I just re-read your OP, and read it again. I’m not finding a coherent question. I did find some barely coherent rants about he evils of pesticides. To use a phrase, “Can you rephrase your response in the form of a question?”



RTD? Berry FTW

Powder, Berry is on deck, gotta finish the old version of vanilla first. I stocked up just a couple of days before they released the new version and flavors. :roll_eyes: :rofl:



Thanks again for the theatrics.

*Very entertaining

**Not very professional

You guys answered my question with idiocy.
I’m content with all of this.

Thank you.

Sooooo, no chocolate for you?

Okay, man. Berry it is. I won’t hate. There’s only love here in the Huel forums. There’s plenty of room for the berry affectionatos and the chocolate fanatics (and even the OG vanilla hardliners) to coexist.

Come on, people now. Smile on your Hueler. Everybody get together, try to eat plant-based complete food right now. (I know, it doesn’t rhyme.)

You’ll have to forgive my tendency to not retaliate with the same tone in your original post. I’m too happy with my Huel.

And I just made these power cookies using Huel. Would you like one? Fresh from the oven. I bet once you’ve eaten one of these, you’ll forget about all your pent up rage and feel right as rain.



Please do. There is no such thing as bad publicity. We welcome any traffic to the website and I’m sure people would love to see your original post. We love spreading the word about Huel.

I am no spoke person. This is an open forum. The same freedom that the company Huel allows you to post your original, hate filled post also allows me to post my replies and show pics of my Huel cookies. Huel is a transparent company that doesn’t censor dissenting opinions. They freely post all their ingredients and nutritional info on their site and have been open about their non-organic choice from day 1.

Like I said. I just think you’re hungry.

Bottom line: if you don’t want to buy non organic food, you don’t have to buy Huel. It really is that simple.


Niles, you come across as more trouble than it’s worth, so I fully expect any “intelligent humans” to give a wide pass (yeah, I’m failing the test, I know).

While I might be mildly curious about the answer to your question, the way you’re demanding and threatening and etc makes me more focused on ignoring, taunting or snapping back than anything else.

I mean, who the f*** do you think you are to even be asking like that?

So, maybe change gears?