Huel for the holidays -Cyberpunk style the New Elf


Happy Holidays from the future!


Oooh nice! Love the elf ears.


How does one consume Huel through the breathing mask? …or is there a cyber NG tube in there?

I also don’t get the plastic LED Sankara Stone, but I think the Elves will be experiencing a drought if you remove them from the Xmas village. :slight_smile:


Elf on the Shelf: Huelidays edition


Lol I had to look up Sankara Stone. A glowing Lingam! :joy::joy::joy:
It was more of a Clean Fuel reference and it helped light her face.


Just add ice and water. Huel u/u and Strawberry Nesquick [this is a no judgment zone right]
Ready for the workday! Freight elevato


Not at all. Curious, do you work out at Planet Fitness? I only ask cause that’s similar to their motto.


No, I’m a Oil and Gas IT guy