First day of Huel (journal-ish)

Today me and my boyfriend got our Huel. Fast shipping to Sweden, just 4 days! Which is awesome.
I just tried it and… The U/U is better than the vanilla, at least, but I couldn’t stand the lumps. Sort of tastes like baking powder or flour and the after taste wasn’t that great either. We are trying the toffee flavor tonight to see if it will be better. It’s in the fridge now and I used a blender to get rid of the lumps (hopefully).
I am craving solid food though… :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:
Starting weight: 65.2 kg.

edit 1. 2017-10-14
Didn’t finish last nights dinner, the U/U, I just couldn’t get it down. But now I have the vanilla huel + chocolate flavour for lunch and it tastes… good! Awesome texture after a night in the fridge, too. My boyfriend is having vanilla+strawberry. Definitely investing in flavor from Huel. So far chocolate is my favorite.
We have bought almond milk and we are thinking of mixing it with half water/half almond milk.
edit; we both notice that the flavor (by Huel) ends up on the top. We did shake the bottles but half way down it’s not much of it left.
edit; it’s night time now and we had tacos for dinner, 3 hours ago, and I am not feeling hungry or craving any snack or anything, which is very unlike me, I usually cry for chips around this time. The tacos though… They went straight out :no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth: Prepared Huel U/U and vanilla with almond milk+water for tomorrow’s lunch.

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Just understand that the longer it sits in the fridge, the thicker it will get. You can always add more water to thin it out a bit. Congrats on starting though. Just experiment with different flavors ( I like adding a banana and PB and mixing with either coconut or almond milk) Welcome aboard the Huel train!

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Thanks! I’m pretty exited.