Flavors? And gingerbread and banana!

I recently started up drinking Huel again after a long hiatus including wisdom teeth removal/living in a foreign country/cooking to pass the time in a pandemic. Anyhow, I haven’t had Huel in a while and I’m curious about the formula flavor changes! The last batch I drank had heavy clumping - has this been resolved yet? I also noticed new flavors! I wanted to play it safe and just got vanilla, berry, and chocolate, even though I wasn’t that big a fan of the last chocolate Huel I got, but it’s been a while and I wanted to give it a second chance. I was really interested in the banana, but is it the Cavendish banana or the Gros Michel banana that’s used to flavor it? Also I bought a packet of gingerbread flavor booster - I’m a huge fan of gingerbread and if you think it’s overwhelming - I’ll probably love it! I’d love any feedback!

Also, Huel… Please bring back the chai tea flavor booster!!!

I’m not a fan of “artificial banana flavor” or any sort of banana flavored candy, and the Huel Banana flavor is nothing like that. It’s VERY good. Sweet but not dessert sweet. I don’t know what your references are for flavoring, but I am guessing it’s something like that. I’d say if you’re interested, go for it.

Hey @Maria,
Stoked that you are getting back on the Huel train! Was wondering when you last ordered because we are constantly innovating and trying to improve our product!
I agree with @philphriday it is a genuine banana flavor, not like banana candy!

The last bag I have is v 3.0, but I know Huel tweaks them here and there, I got it when V 3.0 had just released, so … it’s been a while! And thank you, I probably could’ve worded the banana flavor question better haha!

No word on chai tea making a return? :yum:

No word on that but we are always up to something :wink: