Huel advice and tips

I have been using huel for about 2 months

I loved it at first but as of late it is more of a chore to eat it. is there other flavor options? I have wondered how powder peanut butter would work? Anyone tried this? Or anything els? Trying to do something healthier than the flavor packs huel offers…

Also I got a email a few weeks back about bars they will start making anyone have any info on this?

I put a scoop of peanut butter powder (unsweetened) and a banana in and have yet to get tired of that combo. Doesn’t matter if I add it to unsweetened or sweetened. Both are great (IMO). To keep calories where I want them I remove one scoop of Huel when adding the PB and banana.


I have thought about the banana as well

Unfortunately the only blender I have is ninja with about a billion blades… seems a bit intense to clean for one shake


I do organic peanut butter powder and banana powder. The banana isn’t terrible, but not quite as tastey as a real banana.

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I use an immersion blender. Cleans up with a quick rinse. Can get decent ones for fairly cheap.


I guess I didn’t know banana powder was a thing.

Sounds like the 3 of us have similar taste preferences though might have to give both a try

Any brands you can recommend that are not crazy high in sugar or something?

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I didn’t know either. May have to look into it. Naked Nutrition is the brand I use. Can buy a big 2 pounder on Amazon. Naked PB is the actual product name.


I also use Naked Nutrition. Quite good, no sugar added.
For fruit powders, I use Nubeleaf. There are other banana powders available as well.

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What the web site for the flavor powders

I use Hershey’s Dark chocolate cocoa powder .

What I do is I get my food processor out and I will blend up a quart of berries with honey (to taste) and then I pour them in ice cube trays! Then I use them to cool down the hue l and add flavor at the same time!


Thanks for the tip re fruit powder

You eat this for purpose, not taste!

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My favorite is two or three scoops of vanilla Huel, a full tablespoon, not half of a teaspoon, of either chocolate, banana or strawberry flavor and a tablespoon of vanilla extract mixed with either water or skim milk. I’ve tried fresh fruit which is good to but the way I described it you can just shake it in the shaker and you don’t have to clean the blender.

This is such a genius idea!! Must try for myself.