Huel Findings after 6 Months of Using - TIPS


Trust me it is a problem, I wish they would be much more flexible on their subscriptions on the amount you want but I understand…it would be quite a logistical nightmare to accommodate everyone’s specific request so I just order more than I need.


Hey @DoctorMemory, you can change the number of bags as well if you go under “Manage Subscription Flavors”. You can order up to 16 bags per order I think.


500ml water, 3 scoops vanilla, half tsp chia flavoring, blender, sits overnight. My shaker bottle has a screw container on the bottom. I put three scoops in there plus flavoring in the morning so I can make another shake for lunch. Pretty sweet system.


I’m new to Huel and I agree with you on most of the things you said. I bought a vanilla and plain. I also agree go vanilla. However saw post today coming out with chocolate and berry versions can’t wait to try those.


I also drink a shaker full of water afterword if I’m not drinking coffee because the extra water actually helps it expand in your stomach and makes you feel really full.


The Huel shaker does seal completely. Make sure that the lip around the lid is clean, then putting a flat surface even put your hand underneath the candle created by the fliptop, and hold onto the top of the lid it directly west. It will twist for dinner then if you try to use that makeshift handle.