Huel Findings after 6 Months of Using - TIPS

  1. I would pick the vanilla flavored HUEL…the taste will make a big difference.
  2. HUEL does over time sink to the bottom of your shaker so if you sip it throughout the day just shake it up or you will end up with a big glob on the bottom.
  3. When you you finish your HUEL serving in your container, rinse it out ASAP. It litterly turns to glue and sticks…just rinse it out after you done that simple.
  4. The free HUEL shaker you get isn’t the best, it won’t seal sometimes so it will leak. Go buy your own shaker with a firm seal to prevent this because you do end up shaking it a lot.
  5. Buy in Groups of 2 Bags, it just makes sense, saves on shipping and when you are halfway through your second bag order your new 2 Bags or just subscribe.
  6. I normally put 2 scoops in with 16oz of Water, this is my personal preference…sort of the not too thick not to runny combination.
  7. Mix it up a little, over time the taste does get dull…sort of like drinking cake mix everyday…so spice it up with cinnamon, milk, etc to change the taste to add variety.

This is just my personal opinion and hopefully will help you, I personally have been using HUEL for 6 months and have no plans on stopping so keep it coming!


Agree with all of your tips. I am only 1 month in, but also have no plans of stopping!

Some additional tips:
-You can put some extra water in your shaker (like from a water bottle) if you are not going to be able to clean it for several hours. It seems to keep everything from sticking.

-Everyone should try blending Huel - it is a totally different texture. I make a banana shake at least once per week by adding ice and a small banana to my normal mixture and blending, and it is by far the best thing I have made.

-For people wanting a higher ratio of protein in their shakes, my new favorite is to add a partial or whole Premier Protein shake (available in several flavors) to my Huel. They are sold at Costco as well as other retailers, and have 30g Protein with only 3g fat, 4g carb (2g of this is fiber), and 160 calories.

-Last tip I have is adding black chia seeds for additional filling fiber. They absorb lots of water and really help thicken the shake up if left in the fridge for a few hours. The nutrition facts on the brand I’m using is 6g fat, 8g carb (7g of this is fiber), and 2g protein in 1/8 cup. Also only 85 calories added.


Using Chia seeds to absorb the water is genius…thanks for the tip.


No problem. I have to give credit for that one to my wife, who has always used them when making smoothies.

I think adding hemp hearts or ground flax can do the same thing, but I have always used Chia seeds.


Since this post may be seeing expectation for those new to Huel …or thinking about starting…

I don’t understand how people drink 2 scoops per 16oz of water over 2+ hours (or throughout the day)

I put 3x 1/4 cup scoops in 400 mL water (the shaker is graduated in metric, so that’s how I measure the water) i use an immersion blender for 30 seconds. It takes about 2 minutes to drink and another minute to rinse the shaker and blender.

I didn’t have time for breakfast, I’m not interested in making Huel into an involved process. (Intending no offense if that’s how you roll)

Just giving another usage style. :slight_smile:

I buy in groups of 16 bag subscription. I am going to drink it all regardless. Why not get the best price per serving and not have to stress about just in time delivery? Plus, it never hurts to have extra food in the pantry for a rainy day.

This is contingent on Huel continuing to use their current superior packaging.


I completely agree but the only reason I don’t buy in bulk like that is if HUEL comes out with a new flavor or new product I can easily switch if I prefer that new flavor.


@Huel_Hefner I would love to do this. However, explaining to my wife why I ordered that much (spent that much) would be interesting.



I actually am closer to you in how I drink Huel. I do 3 scoops (approximately 100g) with 16oz or more of water plus anything else I am mixing. I typically let it sit in the fridge for a few hours to thicken up, then drink in 5-10 minutes.


Me as well, I have gradually moved up in the amount of HUEL like they suggested so your body can adapt easier which I do recommend.

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You’re paying a fairly steep premium to have that flexibility. In my case I save $132, when compared with 2 bags at a time without a subscription.

Sure, spending $396 all at once is tough, but I can’t get out of the necessity of buying food. That’s how I look at it.


I’ve learned to dilute my Huel more than I used to and now I am preferring it this way. For people who are trying Huel for the first time, experiment with different concentrations. You might find you prefer it more dilute or even more concentrated.

When it comes to additives, there is one which tops all others. Peanut Butter. Goes so well with vanilla Huel.

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I second the being sure to rinse out your shaker when you finish your Huel to avoid having it turn into glue, or if you let it sit too long, a not very pleasant smelling container.

I’ve found that Huel actually helps me drink a LOT more water than I used to. When I finish my shaker of Huel, I fill the shaker all the way back up with water and shake it around and then drink that to make sure I consume ALL of my Huel, as well as rinse out the container really good. So every time I drink a shaker full of Huel, I follow it up with a full shaker full of water after that. I still officially wash the container out at the sink at the end of the day just to get in completely clean.

That adds a LOT more water consumption to my daily regimen without even really having to think about it, and I definitely notice the increase in hydration.


Here’s another couple of “tricks” I’ve been using…

#1.) If you heat it up in the microwave or mix in HOT water, it will really thicken up and you’ll obtain much more of a “full” feeling once you’ve completed the serving. I do this if I’m REALLY hungry or know I’m about to go an extended period of time without food.

#2.) In my subscription, I buy 2 bags of unflavored/unsweetened with each delivery (which includes 6 bags of regular vanilla Huel). With these unflavored bags, I like to mix up “savory” batches: I usually put a large dose of freshly cracked black pepper, some chili powder, a few dashes of A1 steaksause, beef or chicken brooth, and some peppers. I heat up the brooth to near boiling and put it in the blender with the other ingredients and blend it. It will get thick because the liquid is HOT. It’s so yummy and is a nice break from the sweet vanilla.


On the subject of getting a better shaker, this insulated stainless Contigo one is a great value. Currently on sale at Amazon for $13.48



O own a few of these and they work great, the secure top stops/prevents any leaking the insulation keeps it cool. I would recommend buying 2 - 3 of these so you have one at home/work/spare.


How many Huel meals do you average in a week and does a subscription work for this many bags? Looks like the furthest out you could put your order is 10 weeks and 224 meals in 10 weeks is still a lot. I do like the savings, though. You’re cutting down your cost/meal to $1.77 which is pretty fantastic.


For me personally I just have one a day for breakfast since I have no time on the morning to make anything or get anything ready. As far as subscription goes I don’t think it works for that many bags but I bet if you contact them they would able to accommodate your specific needs as far as subscriptions go.


I drink two shakes per day during the week, three scoops per shake, and I just figured that my subscription of two bags won’t last me a whole month. I just updated my subscription to get two bags every three weeks instead (since there doesn’t seem to be a way to change the number of bags per shipment, what’s up with that?). I do occasionally have a shake during the weekend if I’m really busy and don’t have time for a “proper” meal, but that’s rare. I ordered a la carte the first couple of times, but once I determined that I was going to stay on Huel for the long haul I set up a subscription.


I am currently at 1500 - 2500 cal Huel per day, so I go through a fair amount in 4 weeks. I had a 5 bag surplus when my most recent order delivered. That’s okay though, I want to have at least a months worth extra set aside as a pantry item. Once I get to that point I will slow down the reorder frequency to a stable level. For the shake a day folks it can see how even the 10 week subscription could be problematic.