Anyway to make it not stick to your throat?

Hi there, im just starting out on using Huel and so far I dont mind it too much, its pretty good blended with some milk but my problem is even with a fairly 5 liquid to 1 scoop ratio it still feels too thick and chalky and when I drink it it feels like its sticking to my throat which is driving me nuts. Any suggestions on what to do about that?

I reduced the Huel to 2 scoops, and use at least 16.9oz bottle of water. Much better consistency for me.

You gotta always drink a gulp of water immediatelty after you finish each Huel dose.

The 5/1 ration wasn’t enough for me, either. For 3 scoops of Huel, I start with 400ml of water to do my initial mix, then top the shaker to the brim with water thereafter and shake again. You should be left with about 700ml water to 3 scoops of Huel. Sometimes I would even add another 50-100ml with the cap on tight to get a better consistency for that meal.

I don’t really use regular milk, which is going to make that throat stick much worse. Instead, I use almond or coconut milk. That still provides me with a decently creamy taste (the almost does, anyway) without giving me a layer of vinyl in my throat.

I should note that I HAVE used regular milk, actually. The chocolate flavor packet is pretty weak for me, so when I wanted a creamy, chocolatey, peanut butter shake, I used Fair Life chocolate milk and 2% milk (1 part chocolate, 2-3 parts regular).

That didn’t bother me at all, but it might be the milk brand I used.

I mix mine with water and the results may be different than with milk, but I find if you let the shake soak for an hour after you mix it, it absorbs a lot of the liquid and loses any grittiness.

Milk is considerably thicker than water, so your 5-1 ratio may need to be changed to 6-1, if it’s too thick.

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I had that trouble too, but I’ve found drinking it through a straw makes it go down easy :nerd_face:

Water it down so it is not so thick. I use way more water or soy milk than normal and it is fine.