Huel during pregnancy

Why is it recommended to only consume one serving a day? Can you elaborate more on the nutritional reason behind the recommendation? Is there something pregnant women need LESS of?

Pregnancy nausea makes eating, let alone eating well, difficult. First trimester is most common, but it isn’t restricted to only being a first trimester problem.

I know many who lived on things like toast or cereal.

I could hardly eat solids in my previous pregnancy, so I had Huel chocolate milkshakes and pineapple-kale smoothies lots.

Am hoping to be pregnant again soon and only recently saw the recommendation. Huel was what kept me from suffering nutritional deficiencies every time I couldn’t eat, and it makes me so sad to read that.

Hey @Christelle - welcome to the US Huel Forum and great question!

We recommend no more than 1 Huel per day if pregnant or breastfeeding as daily nutrient needs can differ during these times for vitamins/minerals (example: vitamin A) as well as macronutrient/energy needs overall too.

Huel contains the 27 essential vitamins and minerals to meet at least the daily value recommendations per 2000 calorie intake. Daily value recommendations are based on the general population of healthy individuals, they are not recommendations specific to pregnancy or breastfeeding.

In addition, if interested in including Huel while pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend discussing with your medical provider to see if including Huel would be appropriate as well as how frequently would be most appropriate for you too! It may be that you can consume Huel more often than once per day, depending on your specific requirements and history, but this would be at the direction of your doctor who has your full medical history.

Hope this helps!

So exciting - wishing you all the best!! :slight_smile: