Article - Children, Adolescents & Huel

We’ve added our Guide to Huel in Children & Adolescents

How much Huel kids can have comes up a lot, so hope you folks find this useful :slight_smile:


Awesome and great timing! I had my daughter try Huel today in her smoothie. She loves oatmeal so I was sure she would love it in her smoothie and she did! I had her try some of my Huel (2 scoops) and she said it tastes fine to her and she wouldn’t mind replacing a meal with it. I agreed she could replace one meal a day with it, but wasn’t 100% sure about it so I was going to do a bit more research on this topic.

She is a lot like me and knows she must eat, but also doesn’t like taking time away from other activities and doesn’t have a whole lot of care what it is ~ as long as it tastes good. She said that this is awesome because its healthy for her, quick and easy, and she loved the taste.

So glad to see from this article that about 4 scoops a day will be just fine! Thanks!


After studying nutrition recommendations, I noticed that there are different values for different groups. For men and women, it does not differ too much. However, children, pregnant women, and women that breastfeed have very different recommended values.

Now, eating Huel often is not recommended for these groups, but that made me think: why not having complete meals that provide for all groups?

Now I can think of many reasons why you wouldn’t do this. First, I think the biggest customer base is busy poor students or busy workers. Children, pregnant women, and breastfeeding women might relatively be a small group. Also, this is a more risky group that you might not want to get your hands on.

But wouldn’t it be awesome if also these groups get their perfect food? Many kids grow up with eating unhealthy food, while this is the most important part of life for developing, just like pregnant women and during breastfeeding.

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

It’s a tricky one Dennis, but it’s a great idea. I guess you could argue infant formula/breast milk is a complete food.

Kids change so rapidly that there would have to be a complete food for every 3 years or so maybe one day.

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Hi Dennis

Some good ideas. I wouldn’t want to go down the route of complete foods for pregnancy or breast feeding - it’s complicated and also too emotive. But I wouldn’t rule out doing something for teens or even kids over 4 years, as long as the messaging was fine (ie should not be 100% nutrition).

I see your points indeed, Dan and James, and thanks for the really quick response!

On the other hand, if you think about it, isn’t it weird that as of now, as adults we can eat products like Huel and be an “experiment” of this relatively new type of food solution, even though we are also living beings (while actually Huel is probably much more healthy than what people normally eat). But for children, for some reason, we are really wary? That, while incumbent companies already do focus on these groups and thus take the risk, but are arguably less healthy than a complete solution like Huel.

I think for pregnant women it’s still really a hassle now to keep eating as healthy as possible for their child and themselves. Wouldn’t it be great if they also have the choice for something like Huel? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you are the first company that provide full healthy nutrition for people in all stages in their lives?
Possibly you’ll indeed need different solutions for every 3 years of age, but I think for the growing of the company this could be a great next step in expanding the Huel Range.
Just some ideas :smiley:

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Where can I see recommended values for Breastfeeding Women?

Hi @Evan_Cervantes

We’ve covered this here.

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Huel products are fine to have during pregnancy, but should be limited to one serving per day.

I’m aware this is slightly different to what we say on site but we are in the process of changing this statement - mainly due to the different requirements such as vitamin A.

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