Huel Complete Protein/v3.1 Bars, Discontinuation & Their Replacement(s)

On July 18th, I received an email notice from Huel that the v3.1 & Complete Protein bars were being discontinued in mid September/mid August respectively. I understand that nothing lasts forever & eventually some things have to be phased-out to make room for new innovations. What I want to know is when can we expect even just the announcement for the replacement product(s)?

I’m in the gorcery industry (putting in 130-150k steps per 5-day work-week) & have been a Hueligan for going on 2.5 years now. Started with the Huel Black for breakfast before work then expanding to the v3.1 bars for lunch. These replaced the 2 hardboiled eggs for breakfast & the random protein bars for lunch I’d grab off the shelves at work, and I’ve been quite satisfied with the change in my energy levels throughout the work day as a result.

I’ve currently got my subscription set to renew September 4th for 2x Black (cinnamon roll) & 1x Salted Caramel+Peanut Butter. Was hoping that something would’ve been released by now so that I could decide if I keep my current refill date or push it back a couple weeks to get in on the first wave of the new product.

Hi @Crims welcome to the forum :green_heart:

I’m so pleased Huel has been there to help you!

I’m afraid I don’t have a date that I can share currently for the new product. However, I think providing you have a couple of order stockpiles you should be fine to last until the new product is released.

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Here’s to hoping Huel is able to provide an update soon - my last order for v3.1 bars got cut in half at the last minute because the peanut butter flavor is discontinued & there was no communication about substituting another flavor in so I’ve only got enough bars for the next two work-weeks. After that, I’m gonna have to buy stuff from work if Huel can’t communicate about the elusive replacement product soon enough.

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