Huel 3.0 Restocking Issues


I’m an avid fan of Huel, especially the version 3.0 chocolate and peanut butter flavors for their low sugar content. However, I’ve noticed they’ve been out of stock for the past several weeks. Are they being discontinued, or are supply chain issues affecting stock? I would appreciate any information regarding their future availability.

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Hi @Hubris welcome to the forum! :hugs:

There are no current plans to discontinue the Huel Powder v3.0 flavors. We’re working hard with our suppliers to restock as soon as possible and appreciate your patience here! We’re also eager to get them back!

If you’d like I could add you to a list of customer’s we’ll contact when the two flavors you mentioned are available again?

I would appreciate that.

Great! I’ve DMed you to gather some additional info, keep an eye out for that! :blush:

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