Huel Complete Protein review

I’m surprised there aren’t more reviews on the boards here, but maybe because it’s so new to the US? HCP fans, lemme hear ya!
What have your experiences been?
Hi, just coming on here to say that I LOVE Huel Complete Protein!

I really like the taste (well, to be perfectly transparent, I’ve only had the Strawberry), I love the macros, and the texture is great (highly recommend that you mix it with some sort of milk/mylk, as it is a bit thin if you only use water) and it’s currently my fave Huel product. I love Huel black, but it’s a bit filling for a snack; HCP is just right for a little boost, and if I don’t feel like it’s enough I can pair it with a Huel bar.

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So stoked to hear you are loving the Complete Protein! What other flavor did you get? :wink:

Hi Maksim! I loved the strawberry so much I just got another one :slight_smile: but I love the taste of banana RTD, so I think I’m going to try that flavor next–I’ll let you know!


New to Huel and started off the other week with 3 tubs of the Complete Protein. Love love love the salted caramel (added a splash of SF pumpkin spice syrup today and ahhhhhh :jack_o_lantern:), strawberry is second fave and lovely in the blender with a little Greek yogurt added and handful of spinach. But the chocolate fudge- I can’t stomach the taste… maybe it’s my tastebuds but I get an aftertaste of shampoo. Looking for good cookie or muffin recipes to use it up!

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