High protein snack


I like Huel Black but I want to get a bit more protein in and started using the high protein snack. I bought vanilla fudge and banana milkshake. Overall the taste is good, but I think it is too sweet. When I put in more water it becomes too watery. Should I mix some unflavored in or something else…?

Other than this, I am really happy with it, because this is what I needed, a high protein snack :slight_smile:

How much leucine is in it, I was wondering?

Hey Els! Welcome to the US Huel forum. :grin:

Based on the flavors and that you’re having it as a snack, I think you’re speaking about Huel Complete Protein? Huel Complete Protein is not yet available in the US but will be soon (keep an eye out in July :eyes:)!

Some tips for sweetness - definitely a good shout to mix in some unflavored and unsweetened with the flavored options if you find it a bit too sweet, this way you can adjust it a bit more to your preferences. Another suggestion would be to mix in half plant-based milk, this may help to dim the sweetness a bit and make it creamier (and less watery) too!

Here’s the table with the amino acids. Per serving, Huel Complete Protein has 3.03 grams of leucine: