Huel Bulking/cutting

Anyone on Huel use it for bulking or cutting during their fitness routines. I’m cutting now and incorporating Huel. Making the shakes thick really fills me up but I can see this as a bulking tool for sure. If you water down the shakes they can go down quick if you’re looking for extra calories and eating solid food. Wondering if the high fiber is extra filling though and would hinder my appetite for eating extra calories in solid food. Just curious.

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I’m also wondering this, as I’ve purchased for the first time with the specific intention of adding it to my daily intake. I’m trying to bulk up as I’ve struggled to eat enough food to increase my body weight. I’m just one of those guys, I guess.

I found this in similar topics, not really answering questions on appetite suppression regarding the high fiber, more of the standard “this is what to do if you want to gain weight!” rhetoric.

first shake I had I watered it down (450 cal serving) and finished it easily and could feel myself able to eat more if I wanted to. Today had thick 4 scoops (about 600 cal) and took me a good 30-40 min to finish and was fairly full. I think if you can drink it fast (watery shake) you should still have the appetite for extra solid food by tricking your brain you’re still hungry. Brain takes time to know it’s full and all that science :). I feel if you make the shakes watery you should be good. Would like to know someone who’s done this though.