Any chance of releasing a product specifically designed for bulking?

I like Huel for a lot of reasons. It’s vegan, it has a low GI, it doesn’t have soy, the flavor is good enough, it’s more convenient than DIY soylent, and it’s among the cheaper options. However, the deal breaker for me is the thickness.

I’m mostly interested in using meal replacements for bulking, which means taking in about 3000-3500 kcal in meal replacements per day. With Soylent I can fit that much in about 0.75 gal (3L), after it’s all mixed up. With Plennyshake, about 1 gal (4L). With Huel, it’s about 1.6 gal (6L), which is too much for me to drink in one day. If I use less water than that it becomes too thick to drink. I would prefer to use Huel, even though it is more expensive, but the thickness doesn’t work for my purposes.

My ideal product would be Huel in it’s current form, except with a much thinner consistency. I’ve heard that earlier versions were like this, but the community as a whole prefers the thicker variety. So, I’m wondering if there’s any chance of releasing a separate product specifically designed for bulking?

Thanks Adam for the message. We’re obviously pretty stoked you love Huel more than our competitors for everything but the powder:water ratio.

It’s a really interesting suggestion, but talking honestly I don’t see this happening for us. The thickness of Huel really helps fill people up, which is a complaint of many other less-thick products in our area. The amount of people using Huel in the way you are must be only a handful. In fact, the amount of people using Huel for weight gain is quite low anyway, and most of them won’t be using Huel for 3000kcal+ a day.

What might be more likely is a product we release which happens to be a little thinner, due to ingredient differences with our main ranges. I’m not saying that is happening but is probably the most likely outcome!

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Thanks for the reply. That makes sense. I figured there weren’t many folks who want to use Huel the way I want to. I’ll keep an eye out then for that possible new product…

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