Huel Black - Salted Caramel - Tastes Artificial

I know it says “zero artificial sweetners” for Huel Black, but it still tastes artificial. This is my first time trying Huel, and I’m not that impressed. Also, the packaging seems wasteful. I’m not having a really good start to it especially since I spent over $100 on it. It is really sad.

Huel White (?) Salted Caramel tastes really sweet, didn’t really notice anything salty about it.
If you’re making a 17 oz shake w/water try only using 15 oz and topping off w/V8 or vanilla soy. Lots of suggestions under the ‘Recipes’ tab, even if you opt out from here they might make using the rest of your powder palatable.

Recently wrote a post called “Less Filling, Same Great Taste” where I brought up the bag/serving size conundrum. Good to see this seems off to others, too. I buy four bags every month to hit my 60 shakes @ 17 servings a bag… 20 serving bags would bring down the order to only 3 bags. 30 serving bags/2. If Huel sold reusable storage containers to hold product they could pull off shipping bigger bags, less trash.


try adding a wee bit of himalayan salt if you want that salt bang a a bit of organic cocoa powder for a nice effect

I would discourage consuming any soy products unless you are trying to reduce your testosterone.
Check out this video at about 8:30 in. Or watch the whole video to learn what other foods have negative effects on testosterone production.

There’s a big difference between phytoestrogen and estrogen…

I think I always had “artificial salted caramel”. I never knew there was a natural one. Is it extracted from some plant?

caramel is just cooked sugar