Huel Salted Caramel - Taste... artificial? Weird?

I received my first order of Huel, I chose black salted caramel and banana.
I come from the experience of a different brand of food replacement that tasted bland and powdery. Not the case with Huel so that’s a good improvement. But I can barely force myself to finish a serving of Salted Caramel. “Artificial” it’s what comes to mind. Might depend on what kind of taste I am used to, but really can’t handle it.
I would like to avoid throw the bag away, any idea how to make it more palatable?
I found suggestions of adding vanilla or plain version of Huel, but I would prefer to avoid buing more to just manage to finish a bag I am not happy with in the first place.
In the recipe section I haven’t found muich for salted caramel, I guess because it is quite new.

I didn’t much care for the flavor of salted caramel at first, either.
Vanilla is a great add-on. Or try cocoa. Some like adding coffee to it. Or try sea salt. Or just give the bag a good shake to make sure ingredients are mixed well and haven’t separated.
Salted caramel is a tricky one to find other flavors to mix with, why you won’t find many recipes for.
Not knowing your preferences makes it hard to jump off and make suggestions, too.
The flavor grows on you. Or just experiment with the things you know you like as add-ons. Grab a blender and go to town.

Thank you for your answer,
I never used add on. Meal replacement meant to be a full meal replacement to tried to avoid it.
So frar tried milk and cocoa powder,didn’t do much. Will try with extra cocoa too or fruit. Will see.

I use one scoop Salted Caramel and one scoop vanilla. So tasty!

Try 11oz cold black coffee, 2 scoops Salted Caramel. Blend in Vitamix, chill over night.

I recently got a bag of Salted Caramel Black Edition just to try out and it will be my first and last bag. It just has this weird super sweet taste that I simply do not care for at all. As I type this I decided to make a shake with one scoop of this stuff and one of unsweetened/unflavored White Huel and it is tolerable but still not something I would want to do after the current bag is gone.

I had high hopes for this stuff after being thoroughly impressed with Coffee Caramel but frankly Coffee Caramel has become my most favorite and Salted Caramel is now my least favorite.

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1 scoop - Salted Caramel
1 cup - black coffee
1/2 Tbsp. - Carmel Macchiato
4 tsp. - Thick-It
2 cups - Ice

Around 150 Calories for a pint.
Enjoy now or freeze for later.