Sweetest White Flavors?

Good time of day everyone!
I have some questions about the sweetness of Huel v3.0 (White)

I am newer to the powdered Huel. So far I got Banana and Salted Caramel.

Banana - Oh my gosh, the most delicious thing ever. Sweet enough for me!
Salted Caramel - Getting a replacement since it tasted like cardboard and I don’t think that is correct.

What, in your opinion, are the sweetest flavors available? At least as sweet as Banana.
Thank you!

Salted Caramel definitely left a lot to be desired. Other than that I have only tried chocolate which I like. I may need to give the banana a try now though!

Salted Caramel is the sweetest one I know of, and one of my favorites. I’ve been drinking Vanilla for about 4 years, so it’'s a great change of place.

I find the sweetest flavors in v3.0 are banana and vanilla! If you ever feel like something is not sweet enough, I like to add a bit of agave into the mix :heart_eyes:

Thank you all! I’m quite enjoying these. I got my replacement SC and it’s divine! I haven’t tried vanilla yet, but I’ll definitely have to soon. I added Berry to my next month order due to people saying it tastes like cereal milk and I"m curious.

my personal experience is that vanilla almond milk helps with this “cereal milk” taste. It is hilarious it is described as that, as it is exactly what I thought as well. I guess that is why, lol.

My personal favorite for this is probably vanilla or original , but I notice mixing any huels flavor that sounds good with a sweet vanilla almond milk typically is. I Keep unsweetend because I actually like the subtle hint of flavor that Huel adds normally. If I want a sweet shake I just use the sweet almond milk .

I also like a scoop of black ed. chocolate & cafe latee to get this. but my taste buds are very odd & unique to say the least.

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The sweetest I’ve had among what I have tried (unflavored, original flavor, vanilla, chocolate, salted caramel, berry) is salted caramel. I ordered it by mistake, and never will again! Way too sweet. I never tried banana (I can’t stand bananas), but probably strawberry shortcake is pretty sweet. Personally I like the unflavored or vanilla powders because I can add stevia and fruit to make any flavor I want.