Black or Original

Hello! I’m looking at getting back on the Huel wagon after a break. Huel Black seems like it would work better for me (I tend to feel fuller with high protein/fat and fewer carbs) but I’m a bit worried that the pea protein flavour will dominate?

I found the original Huel Vanilla to be delicious, and didn’t pick up any pea protein test, but when i tried U/U I literally couldn’t stomach it. Is the pea protein flavour more pronounced in the Black?

One bad thing about Huel - it’s an expensive (and bulky!) mistake to make if you end up with a flavour you hate!

Hey @Hels,
Glad you are trying to hop back on the Huel train!
Huel Black has an excellent flavor profile and I don’t find that I taste the pea protein whatsoever! If for any reason you find that you do not enjoy Huel Black you should drop an email to our team at

Black Edition is gluten-free; and just as expensive as gluten-free regular Huel - with added benefits like EGCG. It is also smoother, which is important if you don’t have a mixer.

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