Huel Black Chocolate is the best tasting Huel yet

It is by far the most tastiest one of them all!

I feel like the sweetness is just right too (but admittedly I have a less sweet tooth than most ppl I thinks!)

And unrelated, but I haven’t tried Huel 3.0 because of all the terrible reviews :see_no_evil: so im just chilling in Huel Black land for nowww (if Huel offered samples, I would actually try 3.0, but its not worth the investment of a whole 2 bags if its as bad as the reviews are)

Happy to hear that you have found your new favorite version! We may not offer samples at the moment but we do try and answer as many nutritional questions and concerns you may have or provide tips if needed too! Plus, our willingness to always help sort out any and all issues you may come across. We are there for you! :grin::heart:

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I think you might feel that ALL the reviews are negative because those that don’t like a product or service are usually much more vocal than those that do.

I’m sure there’s plenty out there that love 3.0 but are just not posting about it.