Huel Black - 6 months

I started using Huel Black in September 2020 along with exercise/physical activity. Here is my approach.

  1. Huel Black meal once/per day, breakfast or lunch
  2. Generally do not eat a meal at breakfast or lunch unless its Huel
  3. Somewhat sensible dinner although I am not really restricting my food choices that much. Usually eat dinner around 7PM.

I was a little hungry during the day at first but have found Huel to be satisfying and will carry me through the day even if I have it for breakfast. My appetite has really changed over the 6 months. I started this with hoping to lose some weight. 6 months in and I have lost 45 pounds - much more than I though possible.


Weigh to GO! :wink: Well done!

Absolutely crushing your Huel journey! Proud to have you as a Hueligan @dtgrooms :muscle:

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