Huel Black - 6 months

I started using Huel Black in September 2020 along with exercise/physical activity. Here is my approach.

  1. Huel Black meal once/per day, breakfast or lunch
  2. Generally do not eat a meal at breakfast or lunch unless its Huel
  3. Somewhat sensible dinner although I am not really restricting my food choices that much. Usually eat dinner around 7PM.

I was a little hungry during the day at first but have found Huel to be satisfying and will carry me through the day even if I have it for breakfast. My appetite has really changed over the 6 months. I started this with hoping to lose some weight. 6 months in and I have lost 45 pounds - much more than I though possible.


Weigh to GO! :wink: Well done!

Absolutely crushing your Huel journey! Proud to have you as a Hueligan @dtgrooms :muscle:

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This is awesome! I have just ordered my first 2 bags of Huel Black and plan on doing exactly what you have done. I may increase the number of Huel meals from 1 to 1.5 or 2 once I have lost the amount of weight that I need to, but for now, I really only need one meal before dinners with the family, which are fairly high calorie.

I also plan on increasing my activity, so to that end, how has eating two meals per day, one being Huel, affected your energy levels? Have you been able to work out regularly (like 15-30 minutes of elevated heart rate activity), or more intensely work out (30+ minutes of difficult exercise)?

Thank you for your post!

My energy levels are good. I work out intensively 4-5 days/week with no problem. I was a little hungry at first but that subsided after a couple weeks. Good luck!


Thank you! My Huel should be here at some point today and I am so excited to get started!

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Good luck, let us know if you have any questions. You can also try searching for any questions you might have as many of us most likely already asked them.

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Thank you! It was lost and delivered to the wrong house but my neighbor hand-delivered it so I officially am a Hueligan! woot