My compliments - just in case you don't have enough already


Today I felt a need to tell you how much I like your nutrition bars, and this seems like a good place to write it.

They taste like a dense dessert bar or cookie. I especially like the ones with chocolate chips (which are most of them). I warm them up for 10 seconds in the microwave so the chocolate gets melty but the rest is just warm.

The chefs who designed the recipe probably make even more amazing desserts when they aren’t working under the complete nutrition constraints, but I think you show there is hope for complete nutrition bars to compete even at the level traditional pastries.

And that reminds me that I am impressed with other Huel products too. Some mornings I like to have porridge, which I make from the unsweetened Huel with hot water and a little brown sugar. And I’ve had the Mexican chili a few times and enjoyed its flavor too. The chili seems to show again that complete nutrition meals have the potential to compete on a culinary level.

Anyways, that’s already more than I wanted to say. My only fear is that the price will remain high. (Even $1.50 per bar would be nice.) But price is secondary. Keep up the innovation, and compliments to the chefs.

@ilikehuelbars I like your handle and you are making me blush :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
So stoked to hear you like the bars!
Out of pure curiosity, do you have a favorite? :wink: