New here- 1 meal replaced

Howdy folks! I just signed up for Huel and was wondering what results have been seen just replacing 1 meal. I am 5-9 and 187 and trying to cut my body fat from 22.7% down to about 12% before my wedding. Doing work outs 5-6 days a week alternating between low intensity cardio 117 bpm-140 bpm and then HST training:

Legs - 2 Exercises
Back - 2 Exercises
Chest - 2 Eexercises
Arms - 2 Exercises, 1 For Biceps And 1 For Triceps
Shoulders - 2 Exercises
Calves - 1 Exercise
Abdominals - 3 Exercises For Upper Abs, Lower Abs, And Obliques

Basically this is my long winded question - what are your weight lost results by just replacing 1 meal?

How many calories are in the meal you are replacing? How much Huel are you replacing it with?

(The question of weight loss is largely about calorie intake)

It is about the same calorie wise, though I notice I may snack a little at work to hold me over until dinner. Ultimately I’ve changed my diet to 1,700 calories a day.

Huel protein sources are better for my body to metabolize. Since I am O- dairy items are tougher for my body to metabolize so whey based and dairy based protein shakes aren’t the best option. Also HUEL will have less sugars than that meal.

I know reducing calories helps with weight loss, I’m more focused on the kind of calories, less sugar, good carbs and reduction of a dairy based protein.

Very long winded, I know. I appreciate your help!

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You may be interested in the official guide:

Using the numbers you gave and the calculator mentioned in the above guide it looks like you are positioned to lose one pount per week, possibly two, if you stick to your diet and exercise.

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