Huel and Interstitial Cystitis

So having Interstitial Cystitis makes it difficult to find diets or supplements that work without causing pain or other issues. Does anyone know how Huel will effect IC or if it will be a great supplement for long term? I’m wanting to transition and use Huel as a steady and stable diet so I’m hoping someone will have some knowledge or personal experience in this department to help me with this choice.

Hi @JChitwood

There’s nothing in Huel that has been linked to adversely affecting interstitial cystitis, though I understand people have their own individual issues with certain foods. Check out the ingredients for Huel Powder and Huel Black Edition.

I’ve heard some people prefer to avoid certain artificial sweeteners with interstitial cystitis, so, if sucralose is on your avoid list, then flavored regular Huel Powder and Huel Ready-to-drink may not suit you, but Unflavored & Unsweetened Huel Powder & Flavor Boosts and Huel Black Edition will be fine.

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